How to choose makeup - how to choose the right makeup

  • How to choose makeup - how to choose the right makeup

    For many centuries, women have been using make-up to hide skin defects, as well as to give their face a healthy and well-groomed look and to align the color of their face. After many hundreds of years, makeup remains a dedicated assistant to any woman. It is with the help of makeup in girls and women that it is possible to create the right mood, adding features of their face more mystery, depth, and fascination. However, this can be achieved only on the condition that you know how to not only apply make-up correctly, but also know how to pick up makeup. Unharmonious, tasteless, sloppy makeup will only harm a woman, as well as a wrongly chosen hairstyle, because few women know how to choose a haircut. Therefore, the most important for any woman is the knowledge of how to choose the right makeup to the face, the ability to correctly combine the chosen colors and, what is very important, never overdo it with putting on the face of cosmetics.

    Many of you have heard that absolutely all people are divided into four color types of appearance: winter, autumn, summer and spring. Belonging to a particular type is established by the color of the eyes, as well as by the shade of the hair and skin and, of course, the color of the lips and the peculiarities of the color of the sun. And yet, how to choose the right make-up for your face type?

    Type of face "summer"

    "Summer" face type - the most diverse and numerous of all color types. Hair of girls of this type come in a variety of shades: from dark brown to all shades of ash, from linen to light-brown. But the "summer" shade does not have chestnut, golden and rusty shades. Eyebrows and eyelashes - ashy, but not light shades. The skin of girls with "summer" type is tender, not swarthy, cold. Freckles or pigment spots in sunny girls, if any, have an ashy light tinge, and the color of their eyes is gray with all sorts of shades. Representatives of the "summer" face will not be decorated with bright colors, so they are best suited for light and cool colors.

    If your face is of a summer type, and you do not know which make up to suit your eyes, then this is not a problem."Summer" girls should give their preference easy, a little blurry bluish-purple tones. You can also combine beige, gray and brown tones with blue, pink or red. If you just adore yellow shadows, then choose those that look milky, blurry and slightly transparent. If you chose the shades of green tones, you should make sure that the lipstick chosen by you has a natural, accentuated, discreet shade.

    Type of face "autumn"

    Type of face

    Girls with "autumn" type of face are very colorful, passionate and expressive. The color of the hair of the "autumn" representatives is from chestnut brown to reddish-gold, their eyelashes are pretty light, but at the same time thick, and eyebrows are the same color as hair or eyes. The skin of the "autumn" type of girls is pale golden, and the blush on the cheeks is practically absent, and often there are a lot of spots and freckles on the face. The color of their lips is bright red, and freckles, if, of course, they are available, a yellow-brown hue. The eyes of women of the "autumn" type of appearance are often amber, dark brown, hazel, green, turquoise, less common are the eyes of blue, gray-blue and blue flowers. You do not have to worry, because picking up a beautiful make-up for green eyes is as easy as picking up make-up for brown eyes.

    The autumn color palette is all natural and warm colors, earthy-brown, bright and warm shades of autumn forest. The main and most important rule by which all "autumn" representatives are obliged to be guided - all your cosmetics should be exclusively matte, but, in no event it should not be pearly. If you traverse your lips in a yellowish-red pencil, this will make your appearance more representative and nobler. Do not dare to get too carried away with blush - in the "autumn" case it will be better to use a blush with a transparent effect. Lovers of yellow color should choose warm deep tones, with a red tint. But with the purple flowers "autumn" girls and women need to be more careful. Completely without fear, you can use, both in clothes and in make-up, only deep and warm colors of plum, reddish-violet and blackberry tones.

    The newest direction in the light of makeup is ideal for "autumn" girls - a combination of shadows of dark shades on the eyes with pale beige hues on the lips and natural smoky makeup."Autumn" girls are almost all warm colors and colors, so it will be easy for them to choose a make-up for a dress.

    Type of face "winter"

    This type - the most common on the planet. This type of people is divided into two subtypes: winter-snow-white and winter-southerly.

    Female Southern girls are a more numerous type that can be easily identified by the following facial features:

    • eyelashes and black eyebrows;
    • shade of skin of cold olive tones;The tan is dark brown or with a reddish tint;
    • lips have a fairly clear contour with a slight plum shade.

    Snow white girls have a lot in common with bright and rich "summer" girls, but they are distinguished by the dominance of contrasts. The snow-white girl is characterized by the following features:

    • eyebrows thick and black;
    • skin is light, clean, you can say pale;
    • lips are cold tones, more often pale pink;
    • freckles in "snow" girls are quite rare;
    • blush is faint, cold, pale pink;
    • tan immediately acquires an olive shade.

    In the clothes and make-up "winter" girls can safely use rich and bright colors, but the classic still remain brown and gray. Also you can safely experiment with various shades of all pearly shades, but, more naturally, will look matte. Girls of "winter" appearance are strictly forbidden to use the entire palette of yellow shades, but you will be well suited to all cold and clear shades of purple and blue colors.

    Face type "spring"

    This type of face, perhaps, is the rarest. In "spring" girls hair has light shades, most often, linen, light-blond and light-red flowers. Eyebrows and eyelashes - light, a shade of a skin - golden or beige."Spring" type of girls has a gentle, light peach blush, their lips are pretty bright from nature, often they have cheerful golden freckles. The color of sunburn in the "spring" representatives - golden-carrot shades. The color of their eyes is greenish-amber, turquoise, blue, olive, without dark impregnations. To better understand what should be a "spring" girl, you need to imagine a sunny day: a clear blue sky, luscious cheerful greens, warm dandelions of yellow color. All these colors are wonderful for girls of the spring type. In make-up, you will best try to preserve and emphasize the tenderness of your own natural tones.

    Pencil and lipstick can have a slightly yellow tint, and blush include red colors. All the red and green tones you choose should include a yellow tint. But when choosing purple shadows, please note that they must clearly be seen a red shade. For girls of the "spring" type, the best make-up is natural, it should be made in a variety of soft shades of beige, brown and salmon. It is necessary to avoid cold lemon shades and muted dark colors, because they will certainly make your tender face flaccid and pale.

    Determine the type of your face and listen to the advice of professional cosmetologists and make-up artists. But the most important thing is your natural beauty, given to you by nature, which will be emphasized by knowing how to choose the right make-up of .