How to get rid of moles - get rid of moles at home

  • How to get rid of moles - get rid of moles at home

    Every person knows what moles are. And the degree of their distribution differs among all: someone has a body covered with them, and some people can replace only a few bright spots. But in any case, regardless of the number, size and location of moles, you should monitor their growth and development, and when new moles appear, you should immediately see a doctor.

    How to not remove moles

    How can I remove moles

    If moles have become very troublesome and bring a special discomfort, then you need to see a doctor. Most likely, he will recommend their removal. In this case, you need to do this as soon as possible.

    But you can not remove birthmarks at home in an "artisanal" way. The consequences of such a decision can be very, very tragic.

    Self-removal is strictly prohibited, as this procedure often causes severe complications: infection of the blood or a large loss of it. Often stop the blood after removing the birthmark is very difficult.

    It is also not recommended to do this procedure in beauty salons if the operation is performed by an uncertified and unqualified dermatologist or oncologist.

    Basic tips for

    There are several correct methods of removal, but only the doctor will be able to tell the right one, as each case is unique, and the choice of the method of removal will be based on the condition and features of the mole, and also on the threat it poses to the body.

    Laser method The first way to get rid of moles is laser. It is usually prescribed, if the "outgrowths" do not disturb. The procedure looks like this. First, an anesthesia( local) of the area to be treated is done. Then, using a modern laser, the surface is gradually processed, the layers of the skin are removed one by one.

    Precision of such operations will be provided by the latest laser technology. This will help to control the depth of impact, as well as to establish the desired diameter of the beam. The method has recently become more popular among doctors and patients. Its main advantage is the complete absence of bleeding, excluding the possibility of getting blood poisoning, because laser treatment is a non-contact procedure. Moreover, it is necessary to note the aesthetic side and small time costs for removal( about five minutes).The skin recovers very quickly, within two weeks. At the site of removal, there is not even a trace left, the skin is completely regenerated.

    Method electrocoagulation The second way to remove a mole is electrocoagulation. The operation is carried out using the electric current of the highest frequency. On the removal site appears a crust, which you can not rip off by yourself. Otherwise, scars and scars may appear. Moreover, the wound is very deep, so infecting the blood and causing infection can be very easy. With the proper approach to the process of skin regeneration, scar regeneration occurs, or they do not remain at all. This operation must necessarily be done by a professional. If the process is violated, severe thermal burns can occur, followed by the formation of blisters and scars.

    One of the modern ways to solve the problem of how to get rid of moles is the use of a radio knife( sargitron), when the impact is carried out using radio waves of high frequency. The device is used, which is intended for carrying out cosmetic manipulations by a non-contact method.

    Depending on the type of formation( malignant or benign), the radio knife will be tuned to the desired frequency and shape of the birthmark. Then( according to the doctor's prescription) coagulation, incision or excision is carried out.

    This operation is quite efficient and accurate, since the device works in three directions at once.

    • it cuts;
    • is able to stop blood;
    • disinfects the treatment site;
    • due to the features of the device and the functioning of the radio-knife in the patient there will be no thermal damage to the tissues in the treated area.

    Method of cryodestruction The fourth way to answer the question of how to get rid of moles is cryodestruction or freezing. On the mole begin to act with a low temperature, using liquid nitrogen, a temperature of -180ยบ.The result obtained will be identical to the effect of the laser action. But only the recovery period is three times longer. That's why moles in this way are rarely removed.

    The fact is that, using liquid nitrogen, it is difficult to accurately "expose" the area and depth of processing. Frequent cases when the doctor "overdone", or when the mole removed not deeply enough.

    The most uncommon way to remove moles is the surgical method. This is an old and low-tech method, which was used earlier. To date, it has survived in medical practice."Out of habit" many prefer to choose a surgical operation, ignoring the new achievements of medicine described above. Modern doctors recommend it only when the mole has grown rapidly and reached a large size, both in terms of width and depth.

    After the operation, cosmetic sutures will necessarily be applied, they will be removed in a week. As a result, the skin will have a scar having a thickness of about three millimeters.

    How to make a choice?

    How to choose how to remove the mole

    When deciding how to get rid of moles, you must always rely on the instructions of the doctor, not showing amateur performance and not using "handicraft" home methods.

    After the operation, the correct and systematic care of the newly formed skin at the place where the birthmark was made is mandatory. This will achieve maximum efficiency in the application of any method, avoiding the appearance of undesirable and residual manifestations.