Massage of feet - how to do foot massage

  • Massage of feet - how to do foot massage

    Even the ancient sages of the East were sure that the human body is a very delicate tool that needs constant tuning. It was on the feet and palms, they thought, written the state of the human body. According to the ancient Eastern view, human health depends on the flow of internal energy in the body. This energy passes through 10 meridians or zones located on the body and ending on the feet and palms.

    Modern science reflexology shares this doctrine in many respects, having studied it for a long time and improving it. In 1917, William Fitzgerald found that certain points on the foot are associated with various internal organs of man. And any of their illnesses can be cured by the usual pressure on a certain point of the foot. In the 1930s, these ideas were perfected by Eunice Ingram, an American physiotherapist who developed the well-known map of the reflex zones on the foot.

    Zones and reflexes

    Scheme of reflex zones on the feet

    Today, in the reflexology on the human body, as before, 10 energy zones are allocated, located from the head to the fingertips and dividing the human body into longitudinal sections. It is believed that pressing on one or another point of the zone gives an anesthetic effect in the associated part of the human body, regulating the flow of internal energy.

    The location of the reflex points on the foot is determined by the two main lines, and it does not depend on the shape and size of the foot. The first line is under the cushion of the foot and describes under it a smooth curve. This line corresponds to the diaphragm separating the abdominal and thoracic cavity. The second line runs perpendicular to the first in the middle of the foot. It begins with the lowest part of the bulge on the side of the foot that ends outside the other side. This is the waist line.

    To determine all zones and points in our time, a map is used that shows the reflection by zones on the foot of human body parts. The points of massage on the feet coincide with them.

    Any disease of this or that organ can be detected by the sensitivity of the point in the reflex zone. Correctly performed foot massage will help heal a lot of diseases.

    It is possible to massage the feet to relieve stress at home, without resorting to a reflexotherapist. This effect improves blood circulation, accelerates the decomposition products and restores harmony and integrity of the body. It is for this purpose that Thai foot massage is widely used.

    This technique is borrowed by the Thai from Chinese traditional medicine. Its effectiveness has been tested for millennia. Such a massage can be done to everyone, regardless of gender and age.

    How to do foot massage according to Thai method

    Foot massage according to Thai method

    Finger pressure. The main effect on the foot with this massage is pressure. It can be made both with a special wooden stick, and with a small pillow of the index finger. Pressing should be done carefully at first, and then increasing the load more and more. This pressure can be combined with stretching. At the same time the tissues become supple and react well to the lymphatic influx.

    Steps with your thumbs. This method stimulates the flow of energy to one part or another of the body. Thumbs are located close to each other, and then they are pressed in turn, moving towards the direction of the flow of energy. When moving the fingers from right to left, raise the left finger, move it 2 centimeters to the left and press. Then to the left finger it is necessary to tighten the right and pressure to produce it. This sequence is observed when moving along the entire energy zone. Then everything repeats in the opposite direction.

    How to properly massage your feet? In the beginning, it is necessary to put a cushion or a cushion under the knee. In this case, the bones of the feet should not rest on the floor.

    To make the massage effective, you need not only to properly perform it, but also to create around a pleasant atmosphere. The room should be warm. Doing a massage on one foot, the second can be covered with a blanket. For relaxation, essential oils can be used. The choice of oil depends on your preferences. For the therapeutic effect, you can use anti-inflammatory and warming gels or ointments.

    Massage should be started from the arch of the foot. You need to take it with one hand, and start the other with trimming. After warming, begin to massage each finger in the direction from the nail to the base. Then massage the foot with your thumb. In those areas where rough skin, pressure should be strengthened, and where soft - weaken.

    Special attention should be paid to the heels. The skin on them is thick and therefore the pressure should be maximized.

    Many people prefer to combine foot massage with pedicure, then the legs get full relaxation.

    This massage is performed as follows: light stroking on top of the thumb. Movement should be made from the fingertips to the ankle. Such manipulations are repeated several times, then you should go to the bottom of the foot, repeating the movements.

    With fully relaxed joints, the feet of the folded in the form of a calyx should cover the heel behind the ankle in such a way as to capture not only the foot, but also the foot. Grabbing the pads of the fingers with the other hand, slowly rotate the foot several times in both directions. These movements will help not only to relieve tension, but also to alleviate painful feelings for those who suffer from arthritis.

    The toes, also ka and hands are very sensitive. And massage on them gives a calming effect. Squeeze firmly enough foot under the lift. In this case, place the other finger on the toe. From the very base of the finger, pull it upward with a slowly moving hand. Such an exercise should be repeated, gently holding the toe with the thumb and forefinger, gently rotating.

    Foot massage can be done two to three times a week. The effect will not only be relaxing, you can significantly improve your health.