How to make evening make-up - do make-up yourself( + photo)

  • How to make evening make-up - do make-up yourself( + photo)

    In order to create a beautiful evening make-up you will have to make some efforts. After all, in its implementation, it is much more difficult than any daylight, and hence time will take an order of magnitude more. Some people say that learning how to make evening make-up will still have to acquire special skills. But this is not so. In general, to create any make-up you need only practice and practice again.

    Do not think that if you are going to do make-up for going to a nightclub or other place with muted light, you can do it without straining yourself. After all, it seems that when the lighting is not so hot, few people will be able to notice any shortcomings in how you are made up. This is the biggest mistake that can only be allowed. Successfully applied make-up is able not only to conceal almost any disadvantages of a girl's appearance, but also to highlight her dignity.

    Basic tips

    Basic tips for evening make-up

    Any make-up, in this case evening, should be applied in the following order:

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    • thorough cleansing of the skin;
    • her moisturizing and applying the foundation to a foundation. You can do without it, but then you need to buy a low-fat, but rather moisturizing day cream. And sometimes it can be difficult;
    • masking of existing deficiencies;
    • application of tonal means;
    • fixing it with powder;
    • adding a small amount of blush and bronzer( if you like, of course);
    • eye makeup;
    • eyebrow decoration;
    • lip makeup.

    To make your makeup as successful as possible, you need to think in advance what tools and tools will be needed for it. It will also be superfluous to search for your perfect makeup on the Internet. When you have before the eyes will be the final result, to which you so strive, to achieve it will be much easier. The main thing in any make-up is to know the measure. Otherwise, nothing good can be created on your face.

    Very good result in the "science" of creating beautiful evening make-ups are instructive videos, which there is simply a huge amount on the Internet. In them you can very clearly see how to perform each step of your makeup.

    Skin preparation

    Skin preparation for make-up

    If you do not properly prepare your skin before applying make-up, the whole effect can simply come to naught. If you left make-up in the morning, be sure to carefully remove it. And for this wet wipes do not fit( unless there is no other at hand), you must definitely wash yourself with a special remedy. Only in this way you can be sure that all the dust and dirt accumulated from the day has been removed from the skin.

    The next stage of skin preparation can be called applying a cream. Of course, ideally it should be replaced with a makeup base and better if it has reflective particles. This will give the skin extra shine and even out her tone.

    Application of tonal facility

    This stage can be compared with how artists prepare the canvas for further work.

    There are several points of view about what to apply first: a foundation or a corrector. Here you can choose the sequence that suits you, because there is not much difference. Of course, this only applies to cases where you have picked up funds that are ideally suited to you in the shade.

    The main thing is to blossom well any boundaries, because otherwise you will not get a beautiful evening make-up, but some unpleasant mask. In order for this to happen, apply a small amount of funds to the neck and décolleté zone.

    If there are flaws on the skin, they should be hidden under a layer of special correctors. It is better if you have at least two of them: for the area under the eyes and for point defects.

    Finishes working with the face applying a suitable powder. This will not only fix the result, but also prevent the appearance of a greasy shine.

    Eyebrow shaping

    To create a beautiful and correct line of eyebrows, you need to use one of two common tools: a pencil for eyebrows or matte shadows that match the shade.

    If you are not completely satisfied with the color of your eyebrows, you can paint them. To do this, you should buy a special paint and follow the recommendations on the package. A large number of girls copes with such a very simple procedure on their own, but it's better if you paint your eyebrows in a beauty salon.

    Eye make-up

    Oriental evening eye make-up

    Here we come to the most important and responsible step in applying evening make-up.

    The first thing you should remember: you can never focus on both your lips and your eyes. Always choose one thing. That is, if they decided to make a dark smokey-ayz, the lips should be as neutral as possible, and vice versa.

    When you select a shade of shadows, be guided not by what you wear most often, but on your color-type.

    A few important points:

    • to visually make your eyes a little larger, there will be quite a few light shadows under the eyebrow;
    • want the line of liner or pencil on the upper eyelid to be more expressive and clear? Then always draw them after you have completely finished your eye makeup;
    • very well helps to make the eyes more expressive by puffing the inside of the upper eyelid with a white pencil;
    • before applying on your eyelashes your favorite mascara, twist them with the help of special tweezers. This will make your look more expressive and captivating;
    • when you are painting your eyelashes, pay the most attention to their outer edge. For greater effect, you can even glue several bundles of false eyelashes.

    Seductive lips

    And now the final stage of evening make-up. To emphasize your beautiful lips, be sure to apply them to your favorite shine or persistent lipstick. Also, if you want, you can add a little blush to your cheeks.

    All, you are ready to conquer men with their unsurpassed beauty. As you can see, performing evening make-up is not so difficult, as it seemed from the very beginning. Moreover, information about this procedure can be found a huge amount.

    How to make an evening make-up photo:

    Pearly pink evening make-up
    Evening smokey eyes with crystals
    Evening make-up with deep blue shadows
    Evening sea-color make-up
    Accent on eyes