How to get rid of hiccups - how to deal with hiccoughs

  • How to get rid of hiccups - how to deal with hiccoughs

    Hiccups always come on time. But to drive it out sometimes can be quite difficult. The book "Guinness Records" contains information about an ordinary citizen of America, who in 1922 started hiccups. The man led an absolutely normal life: he married two times, had eight children. And all this without ceasing to hiccup. The attack ceased only after 68 years. We, of course, will try to tell you how to get rid of hiccups much more quickly.

    What is this all about

    What is a hiccup in general? This is a nonspecific violation in the function of breathing, convulsive trembling contractions of the diaphragm, which are manifested by unpleasant intense and short breathing movements.

    Hiccups can occur in absolutely healthy people without seemingly obvious causes. And usually it is completely harmless and quickly passing. Sometimes a person starts hiccup after a general hypothermia of the body( especially for small children), after a tight meal( due to too stretched stomach).Another, but not common, cause is irritation of the diaphragmatic nerve.

    The case when a long hiccup with a frequency of convulsions, which was equal to the frequency of the heart rhythm, was described. This was due to a wire short in the pacemaker.

    Usually hiccups, due to external factors, quite simply pass. You only need to take a deep breath, hold your breath for a few seconds or take a couple of sips of water.

    But hiccups can also be a symptom of certain diseases, for example, an inflammatory process in the abdominal cavity. In some cases, hiccups begin to bring unpleasant sensations: soreness and long duration.

    In addition, hiccup sign of some diseases of the spinal cord and brain, myocardial infarction, infectious diseases and psychological overexcitation. If the hiccup does not go away for a long time, it is best to consult a doctor who will find the cause of her appearance and prescribe the appropriate treatment.

    How quickly to get rid of hiccups

    How to quickly get rid of

    Before reading the following tips, try a fairly simple but very effective tool. It turned out that it helps even in cases when all other tried methods were powerless.

    So, in a tablespoon of mustard, pour in a little vinegar, mix it all and lubricate the resulting gruel with a third of the tongue. Now hold for a few minutes, then just rinse the mouth cavity with warm water. Such a tool has a distracting and irritating property. In addition, the mustard remarkably relieves seizures, and hence hiccups.

    If this tool does not help, try one of the tips below. Most of them are quite effective and quickly remove hiccups:

    1. Eat something sour or bitter. When the digestive system gets something unusual and unusual, there is a disappearance of respiratory spasms. Do not know what to take? You can swallow a teaspoon of vinegar or suck a small piece of lemon.
    2. You can try to remove the hiccup with ordinary water. To do this, you need to drink a glass of cold water in small sips. Thus, from the lower part of the pharynx, all remains of food are washed off, and their possible irritating effect on the nerve is eliminated.
    3. Try to remove the hiccup using the reflex method. That is, put your finger on your throat as if you want to induce vomiting. But in fact, do not bring your actions to the final, otherwise you will simply interrupt the steady rhythm of hiccups.
    4. Drink water by bending over. It is believed that the hiccup will be faster. Lean over the sink, push the glass as far away from you and start drinking in this position.
    5. Pour a little sugar on the base of the tongue and swallow it. And you can take some beer, add a spoonful of sugar and drink it.
    6. Hold your tongue. And the next time, when you realize that the hiccups are hooking up, open your mouth wider, grasp the tongue, pull it slightly and hold it for a couple of seconds.
    7. Did you know that when you start trying to remove the hiccups, you activate a complex of other muscles, so the spasms disappear?
    8. Suddenly scare the hiccup person. It is believed that such a rather unpleasant way very well relieves hiccups.
    9. You can try the folk way with a thread. This method appeared in Texas, where hiccups are interrupted by simply tying a red thread or cloth around the person's head. That's only to tie it is necessary on the bridge of the nose. Perhaps the hiccups are lost because of the transfer of attention to the thread itself, because when you get rid of spasms, distraction is the best way to "cure".

    If after all the done hiccups and did not think to retreat, and everything also persists, you can conduct such an exercise. Hold your breath, at the same time, connect the little fingers of both hands with your thumbs. Thus, you will get two rings. Keep your hands in this position until the hiccup is gone.

    If the hiccup has become painful and prolonged, apply this method of folk medicine: lie on the bed, relax to the maximum and put "a spoonful" mustard plaster.

    At the same time, you can use the advice of Oriental healers who recommend slightly pressing on the active points "under the spoon" with their middle finger. Repeat this action at least five times.

    To get rid of hiccups at home, you can do the exercise: feet are shoulder width apart, hands are folded behind your back. Make a breath through your nose, then with effort raise your hands up. Suspend just a moment breath, and then through the mouth make a deep exhalation. Repeat the exercise three times, and even the most stubborn hiccups must pass.

    If the attempts to remove the hiccups have not been successful, just try to relax. After trying to suppress a spasm, you only strain the diaphragm, and, therefore, complicate your situation.

    How to deal with hiccups

    Unfortunately, even despite the tremendous achievements in the field of medicine, for many years and has not been found one suitable for all treatment of hiccups. But do not worry too much about these minor spasms, because there are some ways that solve the problem.

    The easiest way to get rid of hiccups is by distracting the attention of the hiccup person, or by delaying breathing( such as breathing techniques).Most often this is quite enough.

    But if the hiccup has not passed, sometimes you have to sound an alarm. It is rare, but it happens that spasms say that there is a certain disorder in the body, and he needs to go to the doctor and undergo the necessary examination. How can you understand what exactly is in your case it's time to go to the doctor?

    There are such symptoms:

    • the duration of hiccoughs is more than an hour;
    • hiccups appear several times a week or even several times a day;
    • in addition to hiccups, you have chest pains, a violation of the swallowing reflex and heartburn.

    If your hiccup occurs very often and her seizures are long enough, your doctor may well send you for a checkup to see if there is any obstruction in the esophagus. To eliminate hiccups that occur with enviable constancy and are not related to mechanical obstructions in the esophagus, you may be prescribed certain medications.