When the monthly starts after the birth - monthly after birth

  • When the monthly starts after the birth - monthly after birth

    The most exciting stage behind, the birth has passed, and you are already enjoying motherhood. But a woman by her nature can not calmly treat everything, especially since the emotional background is now somewhat exaggerated. Mom is constantly in an atmosphere of emotions. The reasons can be many, and they can be connected both with the child, and with the general condition of the mother. During 8 weeks after birth the organism is completely restored, the former forms return. Ivschiny ask themselves, when will the first months after the birth begin?

    Processes inherent in the nature of

    Features of restoration of monthly

    According to the processes inherent in nature itself, the monthly must begin after the end of breastfeeding. Nature did not change its terms, but it was true only many decades ago. Then they did not talk about the feeding regimen and additional bait, the baby received his portion of milk when he was hungry, that is, on demand. As a rule, the organism of women giving birth did not fail, and the milk production was in an orderly condition.

    In addition, it should be noted that breastfeeding did not stop after six months or a year, as is now customary. Children received all the vitally prescribed vitamins and useful substances from the mother up to three years. Accordingly, menstruation began in women after complete cessation of breastfeeding. Thanks to such a long period of absence of menstruation, the woman's body protected her from a new pregnancy, giving time for rest and recovery.

    But in the present time such a clear definition of the onset of menstruation does not exist. Natural processes are violated, and when the question of the monthly appears, the answer is completely ambiguous.

    Prolactin work

    Action of prolactin

    Milk production and menstrual cycles are all the hormonal work of the endocrine system in a woman's body. After childbirth, thanks to the pituitary gland, a special hormone called prolactin is produced. The process of lactation in women depends on this hormone. Accordingly, secreting prolactin, the pituitary gland muffles the maturation of eggs, as a result of which ovulation does not occur, and no monthly ones occur.

    Therefore, you can roughly orientate in terms, while the mother completely nourishes the baby, the monthly does not come.

    Pregnancy immediately after birth
    Note! With limited milk production, when the baby is additionally fed, there is a risk of egg ripening, as a result of which ovulation occurs, and the woman does not notice it, since the monthly will begin only after a week. In this period, there is a big risk of getting pregnant again.

    Monthly onset without breastfeeding

    Monthly with no breastfeeding

    As often happens in many young mothers, milk is produced, but for some reason it is not enough or just seems to be lacking. Since there is always a whole army of advisers who "know" better how to feed the child. In their opinion, the baby is malnourished and does not gain sufficient weight, then all the pressure will be on the mother, and she will be forced to additionally feed the baby to the bait. And such actions lead to a change in lactation and can affect the full development of the ovule followed by ovulation. After that, you should expect the onset of menstruation.

    Please note! In case of mother's refusal from breastfeeding the baby, or complete absence of milk, menstruation usually comes on the sixth week after the birth.

    False menstruation

    Very often women notice their blood discharge, they are not quite like regular menstruation, but inexperienced moms can perceive them as the onset of menstruation. In fact, such secretions are called lochia and continue for 1-2 months after childbirth. This is due to the fact that when the placenta is separated from the uterus during childbirth, a so-called wound is formed that can bleed for a long time, but with its healing, the discharge takes the form of yellow mucus, and then completely ceases.

    The mechanism for restoring the monthly cycles

    Pregnancy and childbirth give a lot of strain on the entire body of a woman. The organs involved in childbirth should be reduced and take the old form with the full restoration of the work of their basic functions. Therefore, the onset of menstruation is an exciting issue, to which no one can give the right answer.

    Please note! The mechanism for restoring the menstrual cycle after delivery is individual, any manifestations of the onset of menstrual periods can be perceived within the norm.

    But you must not forget about careful observation of the work of your body. In case of discomfort or pain, immediately consult a doctor. In this case, you can prevent the onset of any inflammatory processes.

    Completely the process of menstruation is established 2-3 times, after which the cycle itself is regulated, and there are no special deviations. But it is worth to be alarmed if a long period has passed since the beginning of the month, and the restoration of the menstrual cycle has not happened, then it is necessary to consult a doctor.

    If a young mother felt pain at the onset of menstruation even before the first pregnancy, or the menstruation itself was irregular with a disordered cycle, after the delivery, the sensitivity to monthly disappears, and the cycle disorders are restored.