Symptoms of lack of female hormones - lack of female hormones

  • Symptoms of lack of female hormones - lack of female hormones

    The state and health of the female body very often depends on its hormonal background, which depends on the aggregate of four hormones: prolactin, progesterone, estrogen and testosterone. If the development of at least one component is disrupted, then an imbalance occurs immediately, which results in negative changes in the endocrine and reproductive systems.

    It should also be noted that prolonged disruption of hormone production often leads the female body to serious diseases( infertility, polycystic ovary, uterine myoma, etc.).That is why at the first signs of a hormonal disorder, you should immediately consult a doctor for appropriate treatment.

    Violations of the permanent hormonal background

    However, not every representative of the weaker sex knows what symptoms there are of shortage of female hormones. In order to understand this issue in more detail, let us consider the main features of this deviation.

    1. Symptoms that indicate that there is a lack of estrogen in the female body. As you know, this hormone is fully responsible for the work of the uterine cavity, as well as its preparation for the further conception and bearing of the baby. In addition, estrogen is responsible for the content of phosphorus, magnesium and calcium in the human body. That is why, when there is a shortage of this hormone, a woman can develop osteoporosis, various disorders in the vegetative system, as well as obesity, depression, breast and uterine tumors.
    2. Symptoms of shortage of female hormones - progesterones. The development of this hormone is extremely necessary for a woman who will soon conceive a child. However, if progesterone is not produced in the right amounts, then the internal organs of the girl can develop various internal inflammations of the genital organs, as well as ovulation. The lack of this hormone can be suspected if fururculi, acne or acne eruptions suddenly appeared on a woman's skin.
    3. Symptoms that indicate that in the female body testosterone is not produced correctly. With a lack of such a hormone, a girl can often have noticeable malfunctions in the menstrual cycle, kidney failure and excessive sweating. However, it is worth noting that with an overabundance of testosterone in the female body, there is a high likelihood of developing tumors. In addition, in the appearance of such a girl very often you can see the male characteristics: too much hair on the body, low voice, wide bone, etc.
    4. Symptoms that indicate that a woman has a deficiency of prolactin. This hormone is responsible for the salt and water balance in the body, as well as the development of the breast glands and the production of maternal milk. That is why, with a deficiency of prolactin, a woman can observe a violation of menstruation, underdevelopment of the mammary glands, complete absence or a small amount of breast milk.

    Hormonal imbalance in women

    Imbalance of hormones

    Signs of hormonal imbalance are:

    • frequent depression;
    • constant high pressure;
    • tides;
    • tremor of fingers;
    • elevated body temperature, which can last a fairly long time;
    • low weight even with good appetite and abundant diet;
    • changeable mood;
    Increased drowsiness
    • disturbed normal sleep;
    • nervous and emotional breakdowns;
    • rapid or slow heart rate;
    • too dramatic increase in body weight;
    • increased sweating;
    • non-standard hair growth throughout the body;
    • appearance of stretch marks on the abdomen, hips and hands( even if the woman did not give birth).

    Thus, knowing about the symptoms of hormonal disruption, each woman can independently identify the causes of her ailment and consult a doctor for timely assistance.