Goji berries: benefit and harm - use of goji berries

  • Goji berries: benefit and harm - use of goji berries

    Goji berries have become popular in our country not so long ago, but in the vastness of the Celestial Empire they have been known for many centuries. With their help, the Chinese were treated for many diseases. Perhaps, thanks to these small fruits, the population of this country can boast of its longevity and excellent state of health throughout life.

    How goji berries look

    Dry goji berries

    These are oblong fruits of a bright reddish-orange color with an acid-sweet taste. They are sold mostly in dried or dried form and a bit like raisins, just an unusual pinkish-brown hue. The most valuable specimens grow on the territory of Tibet.

    Buy this product directly in the Asian countries themselves and with the help of many online stores.

    Take berries in food mainly in dried form. They are recommended to be added to dishes in the form of seasoning, there is simply so whole or to make on their basis a variety of drinks: teas, cocktails or compotes. A day should be eaten from 15 to 45 berries.

    A great stir caused by the appearance of these berries in European markets gave impetus to scientific research. Scientists have identified many beneficial properties in goji berries.

    Ingredients of goji berries and their use

    Benefits of

    Fruits contain a lot of antioxidants that prevent premature aging of the body. They improve memory and help a person look much younger. Antioxidants act as key assistants in the fight against cancer. They neutralize the free radicals that cause the development of cancerous tumors.

    Berries strengthen bones and muscle tissue, stimulate a set of muscle mass.

    Fruits help to strengthen libido both in women and men. They contribute to the development of testosterone in the strong half of humanity, affect the reproductive function, treat infertility.

    Please note! Berries contain a large number of minerals, amino acids and vitamins, which improve the general state of the human body.
    • Berries are very rich in vitamin C. Its amount is several times higher than even the content of ascorbic acid in citrus fruits. Therefore, the use of these fruits can become a serious prevention of colds. Very well goji help to cope with a cough, especially its dry manifestation.
    • In goji berries there is a lot of beta-carotene, which helps to combat myopia and hyperopia. Therefore, the regular use of these fruits significantly reduces the risk of problems with vision.
    • The level of iron in goji berries is noticeably higher than even in the usual products with its high content, for example, apples, buckwheat or liver. Therefore, eating these magic berries will help fight anemia.
    • Fiber allows you to fight with constipation, the use of berries helps to cope with gastrointestinal problems. They purify the body, remove all harmful substances from it, stabilize the weight. Polysaccharides help to properly digest food and immediately turn the products into energy, and not into fat.

    Contraindications to use

    Please note! Despite a large number of useful substances, you can not eat goji berries for everyone.
    1. First of all, do not experiment with the use of these berries to pregnant women, since there is always a risk of the child developing allergies or worsening of the state of health of the mother.
    2. Women during lactation, especially when the baby is under three months old, is extremely not recommended to eat these berries. The digestive system of the child is still very weak, so there may be unpleasant consequences in the form of colic, allergic reactions, abdominal pain, etc. Moreover, the goji berries do not grow on our territory and are considered exotic, so the consequences of their use can be the most unpredictable.
    3. Children under the age of three should not give these berries as a meal. Food for small children should be carefully selected, and the introduction of new unfamiliar products at a small age is not recommended.
    4. People with gastric and intestinal diseases should also not eat these berries without consulting their doctor. Yes, and healthy people sometimes complain about the occurrence of diarrhea, swelling or allergies, which is due to the individual intolerance of the fruit.
    5. The use of goji berries can provoke insomnia, since they have an exciting effect. Therefore, it is recommended to eat them in the morning.
    6. Also, with particular care should combine the fruits with any medications, especially those that help liquefy blood, adjust blood pressure or treat diabetes and other diseases.
    7. People undergoing treatment for cancer should not consume goji berries, because the body already suffers from taking many drugs and it is not known how it will react to a new product. Fruits in this case, instead of the promised treatment, can, on the contrary, cause irreparable harm to a person.
    Please note! Do not blindly believe advertising promises about the incredible consequences after eating these supposedly miraculous berries.

    Their therapeutic effect is not yet fully proved, everything is based on advertising promises and recalls that allegedly corrected their health and people who have lost weight with their help. As you know, drugs from all diseases have not yet been invented, so it is naive to believe that by eating a small amount of these berries, you can rid your body of all troubles.

    Moreover, it is not necessary to replace the reception of these berries with a full treatment from oncology, otherwise the consequences can be the most unpredictable.

    There is also a theory that with the help of goji berries you can lose weight very much. Of course, if their combination is combined with a full-fledged diet and moderate physical exertion, they really help in the complex to reduce weight.

    Please note! The real effect of losing weight only with the help of these berries, which, by the way, are quite high in calories, is unlikely to be achieved.

    In any case, you need to weigh all the advantages and disadvantages and consult a doctor to exclude possible contraindications for ingesting these berries.