How to get rid of the smell from the mouth - how to get rid of the odor from the mouth folk remedies

  • How to get rid of the smell from the mouth - how to get rid of the odor from the mouth folk remedies

    Sometimes it is difficult enough to determine the moment in which there was an unpleasant smell from the mouth. Only after some time a person starts to notice that his interlocutors try not to approach too close to him during a conversation. ..

    Only the closest people can reveal to you the unpleasant truth - you have a bad smell from the mouth. If this story is about you, you need to know what causes it and how to deal with the problem.

    How to check the freshness of breathing

    To know if you have fresh breath, you can connect your hands and breathe a couple of times in them. Now smell your hands. Does it smell? But imagine that all the people around you feel such a smell, but much more sharply. After all, a person very quickly gets used to his own smell and ceases to feel it at all.

    The second way of checking: pass between the teeth floss or ordinary silk thread. And now smell it.

    Causes of odor from the mouth

    There are many reasons why there is a smell from the mouth:

    1. A very simple and common reason is eating food with sharp repulsive odors. Which include, products such as garlic and onions. After eating food flavored with garlic, some of the substances that have not yet had time to digest, begins to stand out with both urine and breathing. Hence his unpleasant smell.

    2. Another very common reason: alcohol and smoking. Due to these two substances, in the human saliva the content of bactericidal substances decreases. So, in the oral cavity putrefactive bacteria begin their reproduction. Do not know how to remove the smell from the mouth? Stop smoking - there will be less problems.

    3. Finally, the last reason is the poor condition of teeth and mouth. If you do not have a cured tooth, caries affected: this is a real holiday for bacteria. After all, they in the course of their life emit a sulphurous substance, which smells so unpleasant. Another point that promotes the reproduction of these very bacteria - dental plaque and food remnants, hammered between the teeth.

    Think about it, you start to smell from the mouth in the morning and disappear as soon as you brush your teeth? If so, you can not worry. This happens because when a person sleeps, the amount of saliva released decreases, which means that the bacteria begin to develop more actively than usual.

    This is not all sources of odor from the mouth, associated with the oral cavity. Another of these can serve as a sore throat. If you have chronic tonsillitis or pharyngitis, there may well be a problem of smell. This is due to inflamed lymph nodes in the larynx. They are formed caseous plugs - clots of pus, with a very unpleasant odor.

    And this is not all diseases, because of which there is an unpleasant smell from the mouth. To them it is possible to rank: a genyantritis, a tonsillitis, diseases of lungs and GASTROINTESTINAL TRACT, a syphilis, a tuberculosis. .. Such illnesses or diseases simply huge quantity or amount.

    Also, the use of certain medications may cause a bad odor. In this case, breathing becomes stale due to the fact that medical devices reduce the amount of saliva released by the body, as a result of which bacteria multiply and a smell appears. Particularly such properties are "famous" for antidepressants, diuretics and tranquilizers.

    Odor of acetone from the mouth

    This phenomenon is quite common in children. Therefore it is very much to be frightened if you notice a smell from the mouth of a child is not worth it. In children, the metabolism is very active, and the fluid is quickly removed. Therefore, even the slightest malaise can lead to dehydration. Together with the liquid from the body are derived and useful substances. This imbalance also causes the appearance of the odor of acetone in the child.

    It is completely different to react if acetone smells from the mouth of an adult patient. In such people, the appearance of odor should immediately lead to a complete examination. After a stale breath - can already be not just an aesthetic problem, but something more serious, for example, diabetes mellitus. And with it the jokes are very bad. ..

    Getting rid of the odor of

    Of course, the smell from the mouth, the treatment of which will not be easy, just will not go away. It will take a lot of effort. What to do and where to start?

    The initial step should be to identify its cause. Do you smoke? Drop it if you want fresh breath. But if after such a serious step the smell still remains: you have to go to the dentist. Only he knows exactly how to remove the smell from his mouth. And it is he who will cure your teeth and will recommend how to take care of them and keep the gums healthy. Most likely, the first thing that a doctor will advise you is to brush your teeth daily 2 times very carefully. And you need to use not only a toothbrush, but also a special thread - floss.

    Just do not forget about the bacteria that are on your tongue and cheeks. To clean them is better not an ordinary toothbrush, but a spatula of silver. If this you have never had - an idle tea spoon will do. Only remove the plaque as carefully as possible. After all, the mucosa of the tongue is incredibly tender and traumatizing it is very simple.

    Never forget to brush your teeth before going to bed. So you can remove accumulated for the day, the remnants of food and bacteria, which give an unpleasant smell. After brushing your teeth, use a rinse aid. It will refresh the oral cavity and prevent the smell from appearing. And it will also help to prevent smelling from the mouth in the morning.

    A remarkable preventive measure is the use of healthy food.

    Do not eat food with a pungent smell, imagine how later your interlocutors will communicate with you. If all the same it happened that you ate garlic for lunch, try to brush your teeth as soon as possible or use chewing gum.

    If you do everything as written, and the smell still haunts you, go through a complete examination of the body, take tests and find out what was the source of the problem. After all, they can become an infection, "living" in your body for many years and about which you did not even suspect. And only the smell from the mouth is a signal that something in the body goes wrong.

    People's methods to combat the smell from the mouth

    People who have such a problem have always asked themselves how to get rid of the odor from their mouth with folk remedies. A wonderful method is rinsing the mouth with a variety of products, such as medicinal herbs, vegetable oil and even hydrogen peroxide.

    Rinse with medicinal herbs

    Rinse with medicinal herbs
    1. Mix wormwood, chamomile and strawberries in equal proportions. The resulting mixture should be poured with one glass of boiling water, then allow the contents to stand for half an hour and drain.

    2. Pour two parts of mint leaves with twenty parts of boiling water. The solution is also allowed to infuse and drain.

    3. Take no more than one tablespoon of pre-crushed oak bark, pour it with one glass of boiled water. The solution must be boiled for about half an hour.

    Each of these recipes must be used about three to four times a day for several weeks.

    If you really need, and you do not know how quickly get rid of the smell from the mouth - try this method: chew a couple of leaves of ordinary parsley. The fragrance of this plant for a long time will save you from an unpleasant smell. Also good "fresheners": apples and strong brewed tea.

    Rinse with oil

    Rinse with oil

    This is a fairly simple way to get rid of the smell from the mouth, came to us from Tibet. Vegetable oil can draw from the mucous membrane of your mouth all harmful bacteria.

    Rinse your mouth for 15 minutes, then necessarily spit out the oil and rinse your mouth with water. Swallowing it categorically can not - you can get a very strong poisoning. Repeat the procedure 2 times every day. Some notice the effect after the third procedure.

    Rinsing with hydrogen peroxide

    Rinsing with hydrogen peroxide

    This method seems rather strange, but in spite of everything, it works very well: you need to take one part of a 3% hydrogen peroxide solution and one part of the usual water. Mix them and rinse with the resulting mouth solution for several minutes.

    If you are suffering from periodontal disease, peroxide may be slightly pinched and foamed. Do not worry, just a couple of days you will forget what an unpleasant smell is, and what is parodontosis.

    Now you know how to remove the smell from your mouth at home. Therefore, you can be sure that this problem will not scare you much.