What to take with you to the hospital - a list of things in the hospital

  • What to take with you to the hospital - a list of things in the hospital

    Everything, that can be necessary to the future mum in a maternity home, depends, first of all, from level of the medical institution and the list of the services given in it. That is why we will take as the basis the most common maternity hospital, in which births are taken absolutely free of charge( however, it is worth thinking about, not "thanking" the midwife for her attention to become more caring).Consequently, the laborer has to provide herself with a large set of necessary things. So, what to bring with you to the hospital?

    Conditionally everything that will be needed for the future mother, you can "decompose" into several groups.

    The first group - documents

    Documents for the maternity home

    From the documents it is necessary to take:

    • passport,
    • medical insurance policy,
    • contract with the maternity home( if it was concluded),
    • documents issued in the female consultation,
    • exchange card,
    • direction,
    • generic certificate.

    The second group - things for childbirth

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    Items for childbirth

    After coming to the maternity hospital and going through the registration( a little tedious procedure with filling out the questionnaire), the future mother finds herself in the prenatal ward where she will "wait" for the bout. Usually in the ward there are several more women, slightly interfering and distracting each other. So you need to take in the maternity ward not only the "mandatory" kit, but also that a little "brighten up" the waiting period:

    • gown( may not be useful, since usually everyone does without it);
    • nochnushka( large size, so as not to squeeze the stomach, it can be thrown out after childbirth);
    • small towel;
    • toilet paper( it is not always in the bathroom);
    • disposable toilet paper seats;
    • slippers( comfortable for swollen feet);
    • phone( so you can call your husband if necessary);
    • bottle with water( childbirth is a long process, and it's not only possible to drink during fights, but also it is necessary);
    • at least one gasket is very absorbent;
    • may additionally be needed: the player( if you want to listen to music with a relaxing effect), the ball for delivery( if doctors allow, which is still very rare, but it does a good job of "uncovering" the pelvic bones), the husband's documents and documentson childbirth).

    Our doctors do not recommend eating during fights, so it's better to have a little snack before you leave for the maternity ward at the very beginning of still fights.

    Third group - things for the postnatal stay in the maternity hospital

    Postpartum things for

    After delivery, the young mother with the baby( the best option) or without it( slightly worse for recovery after delivery and contraction of the uterus) is transported on a gurney to the postnatal room where sheand will be the next few days.

    What should I take to the maternity hospital for my mother:

    • toothpaste and brush,
    • soap,
    • postnatal pads( homemade rags made from old pillowcases or sheets, or purchased),
    • sterile disposable or reusable panties for giving birth to women( sold in stores forpregnant women and some pharmacies),
    • "Bepanten"( ointment that perfectly and quickly heals cracks in nipples and diaper rash in a baby),
    • large and small towel,
    • shampoo,
    • loofah,
    • rubber slippers,
    • toilet bowlmage,
    • comb
    • wet wipes.

    Do not forget the garbage bags, the table set( a cup, two plates, a large spoon and a tea spoon, a fork, napkins, a kitchen towel and a cloth to wipe the table).If the appetite exceeds the maternity dose of food, you can ask your husband to bring home thermoses with tea and rice porridge on the milk( it will allow you to "get involved" in the work of your intestines).

    In addition, you will need clothes:

    • clean new bathrobe,
    • nightdress( preferably with unfastened shoulders, which allows to simplify the process of feeding the baby)
    • slippers
    • socks( if the room is cool).

    A postnatal bandage and a nursing bra may be useful, as well as a charger for the phone.

    As a bonus for successfully completed births, you can take with you a camera and a couple of romance novels with erotic episodes( well affect the contraction of the uterus).

    The list of what you need to take with you to the hospital for your baby depends on the "inquiries" of the hospital. Usually, if you have concluded a contract and paid for a stay in a single room( with or without a baby), and not in the usual 4-bed room, the child is provided with everything necessary by the medical institution itself. Otherwise, they may be asked to bring "diapers" for the newborn and a mixture for babies.

    If the crumb is with you in one room, you will need:

    • towel for the child( to wash it can be right there in the ward in the sink there);
    • - a night light or a small table lamp( to change the baby "pampers", not lighting the night the upper bright light);
    • breastfeeding reference book( for example, Martha and William Sears, the best-selling book of the same name) - this will help to understand the correct application of the baby to the breast and will help to find answers to the arising questions without disturbing medical personnel;
    • simple transparent bags to store the used "diapers" in them;
    • disposable diapers( higher quality than the proposed maternity hospital).

    All of the above( including things on the childbirth itself) must be pre-packed in two packages. Take the first package with you when you go to give birth. And the second after the birth will bring the husband or relatives( you can immediately put it in the car so that the spouse in the joys does not "lose" him at home).

    There is another option - it's ready-made kits in the maternity hospital( you can add a few necessary, but not there things for personal hygiene).Their main advantage is a convenient package in the form of a bag, which then will be useful for storing things crumbs for a walk or travel together with their parents.


    Extract from the maternity hospital

    Clothing for discharge should also be collected in advance, taking into account the slightly changing figure of the young mother. The list of things in the hospital will vary depending on the season and weather conditions:

    • outerwear,
    • shoes,
    • pantyhose,
    • underwear,
    • gown with a wide-open collar, which makes it possible to attach the baby to your chest while you get to the house( it should be remembered that the stomach can not "go away" immediately, especially in those women who gained weight during pregnancy, or gives birth to no longer the first child),
    • cosmetics( if desired, or if they photograph or shoot a meeting on video).

    What to take to the hospital for a newborn on the discharge? Firstly, clothes - bonnet( one thin or extra warm, if it's cold outside), a sweatshirt. Secondly, a warm diaper and a smart blanket with ribbon and bow or a ready envelope for a newborn. Thirdly, the car seat for crumbs, but this time you can take and on the hands in the backseat.

    Clarify the list of

    Clarify the list of things for the maternity hospital

    Approaching the pregnancy at 35 weeks( or a little earlier), the expectant mother should ask about the conditions offered by the city hospital( or several medical institutions if you live in a big city).It is possible that for a stay in a separate ward with a child or for the right of visiting relatives, you will have to pay additionally, as well as for childbirth from a certain gynecologist or midwife. Simultaneously, there it is also necessary to clarify what things to take to the hospital. The same list can be given by the "Women's consultation", if they are one medical institution together with your chosen maternity home.