• Plots of land for large families: tips how to get land

    In recent years, the state has put forward various initiatives to improve the demographic situation. One such measure is to provide land plots to large families. The allocation of land to large families should be carried out on the basis of Federal Law No. 138, signed in June 2011 by Dmitry Medvedev.

    According to this law( which, in fact, is an amendment to the Land Code of the Russian Federation), large families have the right to receive free of charge a land plot that is in state or municipal ownership. In this case, the location, size of the site and the conditions for its provision are determined by the local government of a particular region.

    So, the size of the allocated area depending on the region can range from six to fifteen hundred.

    According to the law, land for large families is allocated for any purpose and needs, including individual housing construction. More on the video.

    Terms of land allocation

    1. The family with at least three minor children, including adopted children, as well as stepchildren and stepdaughters, is a large family.
    2. Parents should be registered in an officially registered marriage( unless the parent is the only one).
    3. The family should not be in the ownership of any other land or even part of it.
    4. Family members must be officially registered in the territory of the region for 5 years or more.

    The conditions for obtaining a land plot may vary( both towards addition and reduction), depending on the particular region.

    How to obtain a land for a large family

    Provision of land to large families is based on the application of the family to the local administration. Municipalities must be provided with an application in the appropriate form and the following documents:

    • birth certificates for all under-age children who are brought up in the family( copies);
    • marriage certificate( copy), if the parent is not the only one;
    • copies of passports of both parents;
    • confirmation of registration at the place of residence for all family members;
    • certificate of the composition of the family;
    • certificate from the guardianship authority that parents are not deprived of parental rights;
    • documents on the adoption of under-age family members( if the family brings up adopted children);
    • certificate that the adoption was not abolished.

    Deadline for the adoption of the decision

    After receiving the full package of documents, local authorities are obliged within 30 calendar days to make a decision on placing this large family on the waiting list or on refusal to staged.

    The Ivanovo region is in the lead in speed, where the decision to put in the queue for land is taken within three days. In the case of a positive decision on allocation of land, the family is assigned a serial number, since the lots are allocated to large families in order of priority.

    With regard to the period in which the land plot is transferred to the family, the law defines it as no more than one year.

    Free land for large families can be issued only once and only in the territory of the municipality where the family lives.

    Plots issued by families with many children can be used by the family at their own discretion, including those sold. At the same time, the family can refuse the allocated site, if it is not suitable for some reason, but after the refusal to get up on the queue, it will have to be done anew.

    The authority can also refuse to allocate land. More on the video below.

    Reasons for refusal to issue the

    • site is the fact that the applicant provided incorrect information;
    • change of citizenship by one or more family members;
    • a change of family residence with a trip outside the region in which the family claimed land for many children.

    In practice, the receipt of land in different regions takes place in different ways, with varying degrees of complexity. This is also expressed in conditions for registration, and in terms of consideration and provision of land, and in the areas where families are given large families.

    Nevertheless, lots of large families in 2015-2016 plan to allocate in most Russian regions. These regions plan to revise their legislation with regard to introducing positive changes in programs to provide land for large families.

    Therefore, in order to have a clear idea of ​​how to get a plot to a large family, and where in your municipality you are given lots to large families, it is worthwhile to monitor all changes in laws and various regulations issued in your region of residence.