• Sciatica treatment with folk remedies

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    Sciatica - neuralgia of the femoral and sciatic nerve.

    1. Diseases of the spine.

    2. Arthritis.

    3. Subcooling.

    4. Injury.

    5. Constipation.

    6. Diabetes mellitus.

    The cause of sciatica may be infectious diseases, such as tonsillitis, influenza, rheumatism, tuberculosis and others, and colds, that is, in the first place, severe hypothermia. Other causes of sciatica may be diseases and injuries of the spine and joints, diseases of the genito-urinary organs, as well as alcohol abuse.

    Diagnosis of the disease is based on examination and collection of complaints.

    with sciatica there are intolerable pain along the sciatic nerve and its branches. Pain in one degree or another is constantly present, intensifying with "unsuccessful" movements.

    Manifestations of the disease include pain in the lower back, buttock, hamstring and lower leg. Usually one leg suffers. Pain increases with exercise, disappears or decreases at rest. As a rule, with a strong attack of pain, vital activity is disrupted: the patient can neither sit, nor lie, nor walk. The muscles of the sore leg become flabby, lose their tone.

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    Treatment includes the appointment of painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs. After the pain subsides, a physiotherapy treatment is prescribed. The prognosis for life is favorable. Specific prevention does not exist.

    It is difficult to treat sciatica, it takes time and perseverance. It is best to help intensive massage with some sharp ointments and warming up the sick places with a "red" special lamp. Massage should be about 30-35 minutes, preferably every day or every other day. Of acute ointments, a volatile ointment is effective, consisting of one part of ammonia and two parts of a vegetable oil.

    Treatment of sciatica is long, includes massages, rubbing and warming.

    To whom the massage is contraindicated, you can put from time to time dry jars on the sacrum and the back surface of the thigh. For severe pain, you should take hot baths twice a day.

    Folk home remedies

    Recipes. Traditional medicine recommends:

    • rub the sore spot with bear or badger fat;

    • twice a week to visit the sauna and heavily soar sore spots with a birch broom;

    • apply horseradish to the sore spot, and cover with a woolen shawl on top;

    • rub the sore spots with infusion of unblown birch buds on vodka;

    • wear red pants, woolen or flannel;

    • take a bath with pine extract.

    • To avoid recurrence of sciatica,

    should be avoided • subcooling!

    Cut side of a fresh leaf of a room flower of agave to lubricate a sore spot along the nerve path. Use should not be very young( weakly acts), but also not very old( burns the skin) leaf of the plant. Cut the leaf closer to the trunk, trim the thorns, wash, cut along. You need to rinse 1 to 2 times a day. Later you can simply cut the leaf into pieces and apply for 2-3 hours every day.

    1. Rinse the sap of the indoor flower of the agave, not very young( it weakly acts), but also not very old( burns the skin) with juice of the sciatica. A flower leaf, cutting off closer to the trunk, washing, pruning thorns, dividing flat, squeezing out the juice and rubbing it. First time to rub for a short while, since the skin is so gentle that from a strong grinding "the heart grasps."Therefore, you need to rub the sore spots twice a day. Sometimes after that there is a rash, but then it withers and disappears. The remedy works very well with rheumatism of the feet.

    2. Wear, without removing, directly on the naked body red flannel or knitted woolen pants.

    3. Rinse daily for a month a painful place with bear fat.

    It is known that red color treats viral infections, removes inflammation. Therefore, when sciatica is recommended to warm up the sore spots with a special red lamp.

    For treatment, nephrite, agate in the form of coulombs, amethyst and carnelian are placed on the eyes. Stones can be worn as decorations.

    Sanded minerals are used for point massage. In addition to carnelian and amethyst, amber, silicon and feldspars are quite suitable for these purposes. One of the ways to treat minerals is to insist them in water to activate, energize and structure it. Also use a powder of stones, adding it to medical creams and ointments.

    The ring healing magnet is superimposed on the sore spot for no more than 30 minutes by the working side to the body, and the arrow is adjusted along the vertical lines of the body. Applicator sheet magnetic is recommended to be worn constantly, until the pain syndrome is removed, but not more than 1 week. Then they take a break for 4-5 days and repeat the course of treatment. Also used are micromagnets in the form of fine fractions, which are superimposed on the lower back and along the course of the diseased nerve or its branches, fixed with plaster for 3-5 days.3-4 times a day you need to click on each micromagnet for 1 to 2 minutes, thereby combining the magnetic action with a point massage.

    With sciatica, with stagnation of blood and stretching of the arteries, put 6 leeches.3 leeches - along the median line of the posterior surface of the leg, having receded from the popliteal fossa by 3 cm - the first leech, 3 cm downwards - the second and 3 cm downwards - the third one. In the same way leeches are placed on the other leg.

    Since ancient times, mummies have been used to treat sciatica and generally acute inflammatory radiculitis.

    The mummy is also used in the form of electrophoresis of a 4% solution in distilled water for 15-20 minutes at a current strength of 5 to 20 mA.There are 10-15 sessions. Due to the high efficiency of this method, the need to designate the mummy inside is somewhat reduced. In combination with electrophoresis, the mummy is treated with lidaz. It prevents and resolves scar processes inside the nerve, promoting proper growth of nerve fibers. Mumiye has a stimulating effect on the regenerative processes of the nervous tissue. In patients with a mild degree of sciatica, after only 1-2 courses of treatment, all functions are fully restored: all kinds of sensitivity, the volume of active movements in the joints, the strength of the muscles in the affected limb are renewed.


    2 g of mummy, 1 teaspoon of purified sulfur powder.

    Method of preparation.

    Mummies and sulfur mixed.

    How to use.

    After a warm bath, rub the mixture with a few drops of warm water until it dries. The procedure should be carried out once a day every day.

    Inside the mummy is taken by 0.1 g 2 times a day in the morning 30 minutes before breakfast and at night before going to bed for 4-5 days. Conduct 3-5 courses of treatment before recovery. Also can be used as a 3% solution of 25 ml 2 times a day.

    The bees are placed along the nerves, with the lumbosacral radiculitis - and the lumbosacral region. The regret is applied as follows.

    On the 1st day - one abdomen in the lumbar region, the other - in the course of the diseased nerve 4 cm above the popliteal fossa on the back surface of the thigh. On the 2nd day - the first time in the lumbar region between lumbar vertebrae III and IV, the second and third times - along the nerve in the place of the gluteal fold 3 cm below the protrusion of the tibia.

    Just for 1 course of treatment 55 stings are done. Every day the number of bees is increased, by the 10th day they put up to 10 bees at the same time. When a poisonous bubble of a bee is completely emptied, i.e., ceases to shrink, pull out a sting and smear the body with any indifferent ointment.

    An excellent effect in the treatment of sciatica is observed when rubbing a 15% propolis ointment into the affected area and then heating the Minin lamp with it.


    50 g of ammonium chloride, 50 ml of purified turpentine, 50 g of birch tar, 50 ml of camphor oil, 10 ml of wine, 100 ml of acetic essence, 15 shaving blades.

    Method of preparation.

    Put the shaving blades in the essence and insist in a dark place for 2 weeks. Then add the remaining components to the solution. Shake before use.

    Method of use.


    1 kg bonnet of fresh red fly agarics.

    Method of preparation.

    Hats cut, put in a glass jar, close and put on a water bath. Heat to form a mixture of Kiselev.

    Method of use.


    6 tbsp.spoonfuls root of the water, 500 ml of vegetable oil.

    Method of preparation.

    Root the plant to chop or pass through a meat grinder, mix with vegetable oil.

    Method of use.

    Wipe 1-2 times a day in sore spots, you can not wash off during the day.

    As an auxiliary type of therapy for sciatica, the following plant species are widely used: black radish, common thyme, common horseradish, mistletoe, oats, overgrazing, agave, birch, chilli pepper.


    for 1 tbsp.a spoon of flowers of a guelder-rose, a herb of a thyme, flowers of a calendula, 2 tbsp.spoons of grass horsetail field, 500 ml of water.

    Method of preparation.

    Gather grind, 2 tbsp. Spoon with water, boil for 5 minutes, and then cool.

    How to use.

    Take 1/2 cup 3 times a day in a warm form before eating.


    2 tbsp.spoons of cornel leaves, 400 ml of water.

    Method of preparation.

    Leaves of dogwood pour boiling water, boil for 15 minutes, cool for 10 minutes and drain.