• Breakfast of patients with diabetes mellitus

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    Breakfast for diabetics should be abundant, because in the first half of the day the main energy reserves are spent.

    The diet should be dominated by vegetables and fruits, wholemeal bread, crushed wheat, bran flakes, cereals, and any, but better, they are coarse, potatoes, rice, sweet corn, pasta( important here quantity), freshfruits, berries, cookies, cooked from whole grains, crackers in various versions.

    All green vegetables can be consumed without restriction. Different varieties of vegetable salads, onions, mushrooms, carrots, turnip, fresh and frozen beans, eggplant, garlic. Salad does not need to be poured with any oil - it's extra calories. It is better to add a little spices, soy sauce, vinegar.

    On the table can be high-calorie products that contain a lot of fat: game, fish, eggs, cheese, all products of meat origin. But it is necessary to eat anything: meat, fish, eggs, etc. With all the game, the skins must be removed, pork fat is excluded, melted butter - in very small quantities.

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    With diabetes it is advisable to eat 6-7 times a day in small portions. Bitter, sour, salty neutralize carbohydrates, so that mustard, horseradish, onions, etc. should be present in the ration.

    Patients with diabetes should quit. And alcohol also has a high content of calories( in 1 g - 7 kilocalories), which contributes to fatty liver and provokes severe hypoglycemia. Therefore, only moderate consumption of dry wines and cognac is allowed.

    Use mineral water - "Borjomi" and "Essentuki" № 4 and № 17( but not "Narzan").Mineral water does not cause side effects, it acts gently and long enough - the result of use affects for 2-3 months. It's like it trains the body's recovery reactions.

    Separately it is necessary to say about cinnamon. Adding it as a seasoning for 0.5 teaspoon and with each meal, you can adjust the level of sugar in the blood.

    It is useful to visit the sauna once a week. In the sauna it is very useful to wipe off the vinegar infusions of the wild rosemary, causing severe sweating.

    Recipe for vinegar infusion: 0.5 cup of herbs to insist in 0.5 liters of 9% vinegar in a tightly closed dish for 2 days. As a result, you will get up to two liters of sweat - imagine what a cleansing for the body! At the same time, having descended from the shelf, you do not need to take a cold shower or jump into a pool with cold water - on the contrary, you should wrap yourself in a terry towel so that the sweating process continues.

    Patients suffering from diabetes, it is necessary to control the amount of sugar in the blood to prevent hypoglycemia. You can do this with a glucose test( litmus test in all pharmacies, when dipped in urine, they are colored in different colors and show the sugar content, there are such strips for acetone test, which is very important for diabetes).