• Prophylaxis of dental and gum disease

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    One of the important rules for the prevention of dental and gum disease is the observance of elementary hygiene rules, which consist of rinsing the mouth with warm water after eating. A drop of lemon juice can be added to the water. Instead of rinse water, it is recommended to use water-alcohol extracts of medicinal plants, for example chamomile and calendula.

    Should be taught to thoroughly chew food. During the chewing of hard food, a natural gum massage occurs, which improves blood circulation in the gums and reduces the risk of many diseases. Gum massage can also be done while brushing your teeth. Take this procedure in just 5-7 minutes of your time. The forefinger and the thumbs need to grasp the palatal and external surfaces of the alveolar process of the lower or upper jaw and perform intensive stroking. From the center of the jaw to the sides.

    Do not eat too hot or too cold food: low and high temperatures can destroy the enamel. Another reason for the destruction of the enamel can be biting off the thread with teeth, cleaning them with various metal objects( needles, pins), nibbling, etc.

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    Proper nutrition is important in the prevention of dental and gum disease. It is desirable to eat foods rich in vitamins and microelements.

    One of the important rules for the prevention of dental and gum disease is the observance of elementary hygiene rules, which consist in rinsing the mouth with warm water after eating. A drop of lemon juice can be added to the water. Instead of rinse water, it is recommended to use water-alcohol extracts of medicinal plants, for example chamomile and calendula.

    Should be taught to thoroughly chew food. During the chewing of hard food, a natural gum massage occurs, which improves blood circulation in the gums and reduces the risk of many diseases. Gum massage can also be done while brushing your teeth. Take this procedure in just 5-7 minutes of your time. The forefinger and thumbs need to grasp the palatal and external surfaces of the alveolar process of the lower or upper jaw and perform intensive stroking from the center of the jaw to the sides.

    Do not eat too hot or too cold food: a low and high temperature can lead to destruction of the enamel. Another reason for the destruction of enamel can be biting off the thread with teeth, cleaning them with various metal objects( needles, pins), nibbling, etc.

    Proper nutrition is important in the prevention of dental and gum disease. It is desirable to eat foods rich in vitamins and microelements.

    The genetic potential of life expectancy is 120-140 years.

    Currently, only 5 nationalities can be counted, whose representatives survive to the age of 120-140 years in the East, Tibet and in Western China. These people were described back in 1964 by James Hilton, who wrote the book The Lost Horizon. The oldest person, according to the data available there, although I admit that there are some exaggerations, was Dr. Li from China, who was born in Tibet. When he was 150 years old, he received from the emperor of the Chinese government a special certificate certifying that he is indeed 150 years old, and he was born in 1677.When he was 200 years old, he received a second letter. Documents show that he died at the age of 256 years.

    In 1933, when he died, he was written about in New York Times, Londontime, where everything was well documented. Maybe he was only 200 years old, not 256.

    In eastern Pakistan, there lived a group of people who were called gods. These people are also known as long-livers. They lived 120-140 years. In the former Soviet Union, Georgians who consumed dairy products live up to 120 years. Armenians, Abkhazians, Azerbaijanis live out, perfectly preserved, up to 120-140 years.

    In 1973 in the January issue of "National Geographic" was placed a special article about people who lived for 100 years or more. These materials are provided with illustrations that this magazine is famous for. I remember three of this many photographs. One depicts a woman aged 136 years. She sat in an armchair, smoked a Cuban cigar, drank vodka and took part in a party. She was having a great time, not bedridden in a nursing home, who still needs to spend $ 2000 on her account every month. She enjoyed life in 136 years.

    In another photo, two married couples were celebrating the 100th and 115th anniversary of their wedding.

    The third photo depicts a man collecting tea in the

    mountains of Armenia, listening to a small transistor receiver. According to the records of his metrics - dates of birth, baptism, records of his children's data - he is 167 years old, and he was the oldest person on the planet of that time.

    In the western hemisphere, the Indians of Volkobanda and the famous inhabitants of Ecuador, who lived in the Andes, in southeastern Peru, and also the beloved tribes of Titi-Kaka and Machu Picch are famous for their long-livers. So, the representatives of the oldest tribe Titi-Kaka live 120 years.

    American Margaret Peach of Virginia, entered in the Guinness Book of Records as the oldest American, died at the age of 115 from malnutrition. More precisely, she died of complications after the fall. How many of you will say, from what she could die? That's right, from osteoporosis. The woman died of calcium deficiency in the body. She did not have cardiovascular failure, cancer or diabetes, but three weeks after the fall she died, because the body lacked calcium. Very interestingly, her daughter said that before death Margaret Pia had a craving for sweets. This disease is known as Pike, we will talk about it later.

    But usually, if you are too fond of chocolate or sweet, it means that your body lacks chromium and vanadium.

    In one of the third countries of the world, in Nigeria, the leader of the Baue tribe died at the age of 126 years. At the funeral, one of his many wives boasted that when his husband died at the age of 126, he had all his teeth, and this is a sign that other organs did his job properly.

    One man from Syria died at the age of 133 in July 1993.He was added to the Guinness Book of Records, not because he was 133 years old, many of them live to this age, and not because at the age of 80 he married 4 times, but because after 80 years he became the father of 9-the children. If you count that each child needs 9 months plus a year for breastfeeding and a year between each child, you will get that this hero-producer became a father after 100 years. That's when he was brought to the Guinness Book of Records. So do not despair, guys, you still have hope!

    In November 1993, an interesting experiment was conducted in Arizona. Three pairs spent three years in isolation, where they ate healthy food that they themselves grew, breathed purified air and drank uncontaminated water. When they came out, they were examined by gerontologists from the University of California, Los Angeles. All the data, blood tests and other vital indicators were laid in the computer of the University of Lausanne, who gave the forecast that if they continue in the same regime, they can live 165 years.

    And all this proves once again that it is possible to live 120-140 years.

    The average life expectancy of Americans today is 75.5 years, and the life expectancy of a master or doctor is 58 years.

    So if you want to recapture 20 statistical years from life, do not go to medical school. There are two basic things that you must do to get into the number of centenarians.

    If you really want to live up to 100-140 years, remember the most important:

    First, you need to avoid dangers, not to step on mines, i.e., meaning, to avoid meaningless and unreasonable dangers.

    Drink, run out to the middle of the expressway at rush hour, so that you hit the car, you are unlikely to live to 120. All this sounds funny, but you do not imagine thousands of people die per year because they do such nonsense. Where possible, you must protect and protect yourself. In other words, if you have the opportunity to prevent a disease, especially an incurable disease, you should definitely take this opportunity.

    Secondly, you must do only what is beneficial. You need 90 nutritional supplements: 60 minerals, 16 vitamins, 12 basic amino acids and protein-containing proteins and 3 basic fatty acids. A total of 90 supplements to the daily diet, otherwise you will develop diseases caused by their deficiency.

    Today they write about it in newspapers, they say on the radio, but on television;everyone knows this, because they are interested in health, longevity and nutritional supplements, and doctors talk to us about this constantly. But not because they are forced to do this by their medical profession. Do not think that it is doctors who ask newsmen, no, it happens because such information promotes better distribution of newspapers.

    My favorite article appeared in the Time magazine on April 6, 1992, and if you have not read it, I strongly recommend getting it in any school or public library. Make several photocopies and paste them on the door, in the bathroom, on the fridge. This is a comprehensive article, which says that vitamins are able to fight cancer. Cardiovascular diseases and the destructive effect of aging. On the six instructive pages of this article there is only one negative thought expressed by the doctor, to whom the author of the article asks the question: "What do you think of vitamins and minerals, as nutritional supplements to our diet?"And that's what this doctor says: "Absorption of vitamins does not bring benefits," said Victor Hubin, professor of medicine at the New York Medical School Mautsinay."All vitamins, as supplements, only make our urine more expensive."

    If we try to translate these words into a common language, it turns out that we urinate with dollars if we take vitamins and minerals, i.e.just wasting dollars on vitamins and minerals. That's what he wanted to say. And, if it is published, it means that there is something in it. But here's what I have to tell you: after I made 17,500 autopsies on 14501 animals from around the world and 3000 people, and always wanted to be healthy, having children, grandchildren and even great-grandchildren, I believe that, notinvesting in yourself for vitamins and minerals, you are investing in welfare and improving the life of doctors of medicine.

    I firmly believe that it is we who contribute to the enrichment of doctors. Between 1776 and the Second World War, the US government spent about $ 8.5 million on health, research in the field of health. Now $ 1.2 trillion is spent on health care.a year and this is still very little, and after all, everyone wants medicine to be free. And I'll tell you that if we use a human-type medical system for agriculture, more specifically for livestock, your cutlets will cost you $ 275 for 0.5 kg. But if you use the agricultural system that we use in animal husbandry, insurance for a family of 5 people will be $ 10 per month. So you can make a choice. I am convinced that since we contribute to the enrichment of doctors through insurance and state subsidies, they also have something to do with us. And they should at least send us information letters about the results of the latest medical research.

    Have any of you sitting here ever received such information from your doctor? No. It is interesting, is not it? But I have a lot of information that you could get. I want to share with you.

    First. Stomach ulcer. Have any of you heard that the cause of stomach ulcers is stress. Already 50 years ago we knew in veterinary science that ulcers in pigs are caused by bacteria. We could not afford an expensive operation on the stomach, and if you could, your pork chop would cost you $ 275 for 0.5 kg.

    We learned that there is a mineral called bismar, with which we could prevent and cure stomach ulcers in pigs, without any surgical intervention. We did so, and the treatment cost about $ 5 per pig. Treatment with bizmara, other minerals and tetracycline.

    National Institutes of Health only in February 1994 issued a statement that the stomach ulcer is caused by bacteria, not by stress, and can be cured. But medical research usually says: "it shows encouraging results, which can be beneficial. .." Now the national institutions use the word "cure" without hints. They say: "cured by a method combining bismar and tetracycline minerals." Those who do not know what bismar is, just go to any food store or pharmacy and buy a bottle with pink content for $ 2.It is called peptobism.

    So, 1 tsp.a day - and you can cure an ulcer. So you again have a choice. You can recover for $ 5 or allow yourself to be cut. The choice is yours. Next, what is the second cause of death among Americans? Yes, this is a terrible disease called cancer.

    In September 1993, at the National Cancer Institute of the Boston Medical School, after observing the cancer patients, they declared that they had detected an anti-cancer diet.

    The studies were conducted in China for the simple reason that the highest incidence of cancer was registered in the Chinese province of Hinay. Within 5 years, 29,000 people were subjected to the research. They were given vitamins and minerals twice as high as those recommended for Americans, that is, if the recommended daily intake of vitamin C is 60 mg, then patients received 120 mg.

    Alan Paul, a man awarded two Nobel Prizes, said that if you want to prevent cancer with vitamin C, you should consume it 10,000 mg per day. And here is the result: doctors who argued with him were already in the next world(the kingdom of heaven), and Alan Paul lives and lives. He is 94 years old, he works 14 hours a day, 7 days a week, lives on a ranch at the University of California, San Francisco.

    Only you have to make a choice, listen to the advice of late doctors or chicken protein patients with swollen arthritic joints. Patients were selected whose condition did not improve as a result of medical treatment of arthritis. These patients were injected with aspirin, mesotrioxide, prednisolone, cortisone, various methods of physiotherapy. The only thing that remained was a surgical intervention to replace the joints. Then I said: "Look, these people suffered so much that if they agree to suffer another 90 days, only 3 months, I will make a little experiment."Volunteers for this experiment agreed to 29 people. These 29 people, who had all the possibilities of medicine exhausted, and the improvements did not come, underwent the following treatment: they were given every morning a teaspoon with the top of the chopped chicken cartilage, diluted in orange juice. And after 10 days of monitoring the medical school in Harvard, all the painful inflammation and sensations disappeared;In 30 days they could already afford something, and in 3 months the function of the joints was fully restored.

    The ridiculous part is connected with the statement of the doctor who conducted research in Harvard Medical School. He declared chicken cartilage a medicine, because if something helps to cure the disease, then it can be called a medicine given out to recipes. We immediately see that his brains start feverishly counting "... $ 300 capsule, only 25 patients. ..", etc. Well, if you do not want to get involved with all this, you can go to the pharmacy and buy nixgnelon, womenknow this tool well. It is taken to strengthen the nails and hair. The main component is cow cartilage, which in turn is a good fortifying tool for your cartilage and bones. It is made from beef cartilage and ligaments, and if you take 0.5 tsp.every day with orange juice in the ratio of 1 ounce to 100 pounds of weight with colloidal minerals, the next time I come here, you will go up on the stage and start kissing me and hugging me if you remember about arthritis. How many ever heard of Alzheimer's? Now everyone knows about it, and when I was a little boy, Alzheimer's disease simply did not exist. Now this is one of the common ailments that affect one of two people who have reached the age of 70 years. Pretty scary data. And how to identify and cure Alzheimer's disease at an early stage in animals? Imagine what losses the farmers would have suffered if the sow did not remember why she went to the feeder. Therefore, 50 years ago began to study in animal husbandry how to prevent and cure early Alzheimer's disease. We did this with large doses of vitamin E.

    You should receive a letter from your doctor in July 1992 because a serious research school at the University of California, San Diego, has since 1992 issued a statement that vitamin E slows memory loss in illnessAlzheimer's. And in this they are behind the veterinary medicine for about 50 years.

    That's why it may be more reliable for you to go to the vet. Now tell me which of you had to experience an unpleasant experience, like kidney stones. Yes, I see a few hands. Oh, kay.

    Tell me, from what, first of all, did the doctor order you to refuse to eat? From calcium. And no dairy products, no products containing calcium. Because there was a certainty of "calcium in the kidneys appears from the calcium foods that you eat."

    In fact, kidney stones originate from your own bones. When you are deficient in calcium, then you have kidney stones. A thousand years ago, they knew that in order to prevent the appearance of kidney stones in pets, they needed to give more calcium, magnesia and boron. But bulls, sheep, dairy cattle, sheep have such an anatomy that when they get sick with this disease, they just die. When we have kidney stones, we can only regret the pain that you can not die.

    We know how to prevent this disease. You should receive a letter from your doctor back in 1993, and it should have been said that calcium reduces the risk of kidney stones. More than 40,000 patients were studied, which were divided into 5 categories. In the group receiving the greatest amount of calcium, no one had kidney stones. Remember, I told you that doctors live up to 58 years, and we are up to 75.5.So, a group of professional people who tell you how to live, and assure you that you should not eat salt, caffeine, not butter, but eat margarine, do not do all kinds of stupid things, die at the age of 58;while people aged 120-140 years put a piece of rock salt in a cup of tea, and they drink 40 cups a day, i.e.they take 40 pieces of salt a day, they cook on butter instead of olive oil and live up to 120 years. So who do you believe, to those who live 120 le of the city or those who live to 58. The choice is yours.

    And, nevertheless, I respect a lot of them. Among them, Dr. Stewart Cartred. He is 38 years old, he is a family doctor. He deals with aneurysm problems. This swelling of the weakened artery due to loss of tissue elasticity.

    In 1957, we learned that the cause of an aneurysm is the deficiency of copper in the body. We worked then on a project, according to which we observed 200 thousand turkeys. They were given a special diet, which included 90 nutrients. And for the first time for 13 weeks exactly half of the turkeys died. At the autopsy in 125 thousand turkeys it was found that they died of an aneurysm. Increasing twice the amount of copper in the diet, farmers raised 500 thousand turkeys, and none of them fell as a result of an aneurysm.

    This experiment was performed on mice, cats, dogs, cows, pigs and still do not know on which animals. And we came to the conclusion that copper deficiency is the cause of the disease.

    Premature gray - the first sign that you have a deficiency of copper in the body. Moreover, the skin wrinkles, because the elasticity of tissues is broken, circles appear under the eyes, lines on the face, and you become like dried prunes. In addition, there is such a problem as varicose veins caused by a violation of the elasticity of tissues, your entire body begins to sag on the arms, chest, stomach, on the cheeks hangs, and you go to the cosmetician and resort to plastic surgery. In fact, it is much cheaper, more practical and safer if you take colloidal minerals. And now I will introduce you to another doctor - Martin Carter. He died at the age of 57 years. He received a doctorate from Harvard Medical School, a doctorate in medicine in Pele. When it was opened, it was determined that the cause of death was an aortic aneurysm. This is the conclusion of a doctor from the hospital of Rockefeller University. So that's what the doctor died from the copper deficit. And he also had "inexpensive" urine.

    And here's another example. A pretty well-known lawyer from Detroit, Ellen Joyce Walter died at age 44.She visited one of the most fashionable sports clubs, you know, now all women want to have steel bones at low cost. She, too, died of an aneurysm. According to the results of the autopsy, the symptoms resembled paralysis or hemorrhage. The reason for this is also copper deficiency. And she also had "inexpensive" urine.

    Have any of you heard of a man named Stuart Burker? He wrote 5 sensational books about health, diet, nutrition, he received a master's degree in medicine from the Torah Medical School-one of the best medical authorities in Boston. His books include a diet for weight loss. He wrote these books for twenty years and younger, and he died at the age of 40.

    Would you like to follow the example and diet of this person? He died at the age of 40 from cardiomyopathy, which is caused by a deficiency of selenium. Some farmers just come to the store where the feed is sold, and buy selenium in injections or tablets for their animals to prevent the disease.

    Dr. Steward Burker, a guy who wrote 5 books on nutritional products, died at the age of 40 due to a deficiency of selenium in his diet. He also had "inexpensive" urine.

    Believe, you can completely prevent cardiomyopathy for only 10 cents a day, and if you do not know it, you're just Complete fools. Otherwise, I just can not tell you if you do not take selenium a day to save your own life.

    Many of you may know this woman. Her name is Gail Clark. At the age of 47, she was the chief cardiologist in the county in St. Louis, and guess what she died of? She died of a cardiomyopathic attack. And you, for sure, have seen more than once that cows, who lose lots of calcium with milk, pick up stones and bones, try to chew foreign objects, pebbles, roofing. This is called punk. A good farmer needs to supplement their diet with minerals, otherwise they can eat and barn entirely. People have this phenomenon often. Pregnant women differ by the fact that they always want something. Pushing her husband in the side, they say: "Hey, get up, I want ice cream with a salted cucumber."This is because the growing fetus takes the minerals it needs from the body.

    A little tip: look at your hands and face. If you see pink spots, this is evidence of an early deficit of selenium.

    After detecting, start taking colloidal selenium for 6 months. All will disappear. In six months you will be able to reverse this process. After all, if, the spots disappear from the outside, they disappear on the internal organs, on the brain, heart, liver, kidneys.

    And which of you has low blood sugar? Well, about 10%.

    Surely, you have seen too active children, throwing themselves on sugar. The deficiency of chromium and vanadium leads to a low sugar content in the blood. If you do not pay attention to it, a well-known disease, called diabetes, will develop. As for the deficiency of tin in the body, it manifests itself in such a common phenomenon as the baldness of men, and many of those present here have an obvious shortage of tin. And if this deficit is not replenished for a long time, deafness develops.

    Next comes the deficit of boron in the body. Women should respect and boron. It helps maintain calcium in the bones to protect you from osteoporosis. Boron helps in the production of estrogen, and for men the production of testosterone: If you do not take enough boron, you women will be very;suffer during menopause, experiencing all unpleasant for this period sensations. And men with a shortage of testosterone and do not have to be tight. They are facing premature impotence.

    The first sign of zinc deficiency in the body, when you lose your sense of smell and taste, when you do not like the food cooked by the wife, and you complain that you do not taste."How, I spent the whole day in the kitchen to make a delicious dinner, and you do not even praise?""I wonder, I came to the kitchen and felt nothing."This is a zinc deficiency.

    In experiments on laboratory animals, it was found that there are approximately 7 minerals to increase their life expectancy by half. Remember, I told you that we need 90 batteries: 60 minerals, 16 vitamins, 12 amino acids, 3 fatty amino acids.

    And we are very lucky, the plants are able to produce the necessary amino acids, vitamins and fatty acids. Plants are on the shoulder, and you should eat 15-20 plant ingredients a day in the correct combinations in order to get these necessary 90 elements Theoretically this is possible, but most Americans do not. The average American believes that if he ate a little potatoes in the form of chips, he fulfilled the daily vegetable norm. So, despite the fact that it is theoretically possible, few of us get the right amount of vitamins, amino acids, fatty acids in the right proportion in their diet. And so, if you value your life, like me, my children, grandchildren, you should take care of yourself to take enough vitamins, amino acids, fatty acids, because. I guarantee that if you do not do this, you can not live to 120 or 140 years.

    These are minerals. A tragic story is connected with them, because the plants no longer contain minerals in any form. They are not in the soil, they are not in the plants themselves.

    We have prepared for you a copy of the document of the US Senate, document 2.64 from the second session of the 74th Congress. It says that the content of minerals in the soils of our farms is completely depleted, and therefore the crop removed from the fields, be it cereals, vegetables, fruits, nuts, does not contain minerals.

    People often ask me: "What did people do 1000 years ago when they did not have fertilizers, and in their society there were people who lived for many years. And what do you think about the Egyptians, the Indians?"

    They lived around the great rivers: the Nile. Ganges, Yellow in China, which each year spilled and flooded all around. And every time during a flood, guess what was happening? Water brought silt and mountain sand from the mountains for a distance of a thousand miles. And people prayed to all the gods that they had, thanks to them for the flood. We pray that they will not be there. And the floods enriched the soil with sediments, silt and minerals, thereby enriching and harvesting grain crops.

    King Philip, father of Alexander the Great, married a 12-year-old girl, Queen Cleopatra of Egypt. She was far from Elizabeth Taylor in expensive cosmetics and outfits. She was a flat-chested, thin creature, not very sexy. Why did the king marry her? Yes, because in its possessions were the best cereal fields. Everyone knew that it was better than grain in Egypt, than anywhere else in Egypt, and a giant army led by his son Alexander the Great was going to conquer the whole world. We needed a great meal for the soldiers so that they could march for 20 hours, fight for 6 hours and win. If they used grains from the soil depleted of minerals, they could not stand it for 20 minutes, but rather began to shout "Mom, take me."They knew that Egypt is the best place to get grain. Floods there supplied the soil with excellent minerals and all world cultures that gave the world great art and technology originate from these places. They had great mental potential, precisely because the food they consumed was rich in minerals.

    And now I'll do this. I'll take a few minerals. A couple of things so that you have an idea, but this applies to all minerals without exception. Let's take the most common mineral of calcium.everyone knows him.

    Calcium deficiency is the cause of approximately 147 different diseases. Sometimes they are called by the name of people, for example bilpolsi - this is when one side of your face is bent. This is not a paralysis, it's just paresis of the facial nerve. This condition is caused by a deficiency of calcium in the body.

    Osteoporosis is a disease that ranks 10th among adult deaths. The disease is very expensive. The operation to replace the neck of the hip or the hip joint costs $ 35,000, and if, God forbid, two hips, this is $ 70,000.Well, if you do it for free, and you have insurance.

    Mrs. Kitz from Retford, Virginia, died at the age of 115, if you remember, she died as a result of a complication after the fall.

    In animals, osteoporosis, as far as I know, does not happen. For example, you have 100 cows in the herd and this year you do not have any calves to cover all current expenses and you are worried because you have to pay for feed, services to veterinarian, care for pasture and farm, fertilizer, forfixing the fence, etc. You do not have a calf to sell it and get cash to cover running costs. You call the veterinarian and say: "What's going on? Do not you need to get rid of these cows?"The vet comes, inspects the cows and says that it's not at all in your cows. Then he examines the bull and concludes - "The problem is clear, the bull has osteoporosis, with its hip joints it is difficult for him to communicate with cows."But to prevent this dangerous disease, you need to give birth to a calf calf just 10 cents a day and he will never have osteoporosis.

    For prevention of periodontal disease and inflammation of the gums, dentists and periodontists advise you to brush your teeth after each meal and use the floss. As a vet, I had to deal with hundreds of thousands of animals, mice, rats, rabbits, dogs, sheep, pigs, horses, lions, tigers, bears. They do not suffer from gum disease, they do not use floss.they sometimes have stale breath, but healthy gums. The reason that in animal husbandry we do not meet with gum disease is the same. There is no calcium deficiency.

    Next is the problem of arthritis. If you remember, we already talked about chicken cartilage and gelatin.85% of arthritis is caused by osteoporosis of the articular endings of the claws. Distinguish usual arthritis, osteoarthritis, lumbago, rheumatism and all of them are a consequence of osteoporosis of the joint ends of bones.

    Next - arterial hypertension. Hypertension is an increase in pressure. The first thing a doctor will recommend is to lower the salt content in your diet. Everyone knows this, if they always hammered into the head. But remember the cows. The first thing that a farmer adds to livestock livestock is a piece of salt.

    No farmer will be economically viable unless he adds a piece of salt to the livestock. He will simply die at the sight of accounts from a veterinarian, just go crazy. And we are invited to believe that we do not need salt, that the amount of salt that we get in wheat bread, in salad is enough.

    Do not believe it either. Imagine, a doctor who lived to 58 years old, says to you "do not eat salt, do not consume butter," and those who lived 120 years, used butter and salt.

    Try to make a choice. I took a control group of 5000 people with high blood pressure and doubled the daily intake of calcium, and after 6 weeks stopped experimenting, because 85% of this group had normalized blood pressure only by doubling the calcium intake. When these patients, who were treated by a doctor, appeared at the reception, the doctor said: "Oh, you have normal blood pressure, what did you take?""I was on an experiment, I took a double rate of calcium," the patient answers.

    The next problem is convulsions. You wake up in the middle of the night and can not move your foot. We have all experienced this. Usually this is a deficit in the body.

    This is followed by postmenstrual syndrome, an emotional and physical condition, which we call hysterectomy. At the California Institute of San Diego, it was suggested to double the daily intake of calcium, and 85% of emotional and physical symptoms did not happen.

    And the last is pain in the lower back.85% of Americans suffer back pain regardless of whether they work at a computer, unload trucks or drive large buses. This is a great American tragedy.

    In fact, back pain is an osteoporosis of the vertebra, regardless of whether there is a problem with vertebral discs or not. If the disc has nothing to hold on, the vertebra is thinned, destroyed, especially if you have a copper deficiency.

    The last thing I want to talk about with you is diabetes. Everyone was involved with this problem. This is the third reason for the death of the adult population of the United States. It has complications, side effects, including blindness, impaired renal activity, cardiovascular diseases of various degrees. Which in turn is the first cause of death among Americans. If you have diabetes, the duration of your life is on average lower than that of someone who does not. In 1957, we learned in veterinary medicine that it is possible to prevent and cure diabetes with the help of minerals. These data were published in the official journal, which represents science in national health institutions, where it was said "that diabetes can be prevented and cured with chromium and vanadium."Vanadium alone, according to the University of Vancouver and the British School of Medicine.able to replace insulin in adult diabetics. Of course, they can not immediately cancel their insulin. For many people the process lasts 4-6 months, i.ะต.this is a gradual process, during which it is necessary to take an adequate amount of chromium and vanadium. I saw with my own eyes how it works on hundreds and hundreds of patients.

    It would be good if I could convince you to take the minerals yourself, and not expect that they will enter the body from food. And the more so depending on what is packed in boxes, bags, bottles.

    There are three types of minerals to which you must pay attention.

    1 type - metallic minerals. These are those that are extracted, mainly from rock. They are assimilated only by 8-12%.And when you reach the age of 25-40 years, their digestibility drops to 3-5%.

    It's very bad if you take something like calcium lactate, which is an ordinary metallic mineral. Suppose that this is a calcium pact in 1000 mg tablets. Many people take 2 tablets a day and say, "Doctor, I took a lot of calcium." I heard a radio broadcast of arthritis and took 2000 mg of calcium a day, but it did not ease my arthritis, but it got worse. "I ask: "What kind of calcium did you take?"Answer: "Calcium-lacte."Herein lies your mistake, because only 250 mg of this amount is metallic calcium. And, given that you absorb only 10% of this amount and the remaining 750 mg is lactose and milk sugar, and 10% of 250 mg is 25 mg, i.e.if you take 2 tablets, you do not get 2000 mg, but 50 mg. It turns out that in order to get the necessary amount of calcium you need to take 90 such tablets a day, 30 at each meal. And do not forget about the other 59 minerals.

    In the 1960s, Keleide-minerals began to be used in agriculture. These minerals are metallic minerals with amino acids, proteins or enzymes that envelop a metal atom. This form of minerals increases their absorption by 40%.That is why the food industry has thrown itself at the idea.

    The third form of minerals is called colloidal minerals. They have the highest absorption. And after all absorption, absorption, excites us most of all. Colloidal minerals are absorbed by 98%, which is 2.5 times more than keleide minerals and 10 times more than metallic minerals. Colloidal minerals can only be in liquid form and in very small particles, 7000 times less than the red blood cell, erythrocyte. Each particle is negatively charged, and the intestine cover is positively charged, and an electromagnetic field is formed that concentrates these minerals around the intestinal walls. All this together gives you 98% assimilation.

    Plants play a very interesting role in the formation of colloidal minerals. They in their tissues transform metallic minerals into colloidal minerals. By using these plants, we accumulate them in our bodies and use them. But, sinceIn our soil there are no metallic minerals, our plants, our crops do not have enough minerals in their composition.

    All long-livers who lived up to 120-140 years have much in common. They all live in high mountain villages above 8,000 and 14,000 feet above the ocean level. They have less than 2 inches of rain per year, they do not have rain, there is no snow. These are very, very dry regions. And how do you think they get all their water for drinking and irrigation? From the melting of the mountain snows. The water that comes out from under these glaciers is not as clean and transparent as Geyser's water, but if you fill a glass and see it, it's yellowish white or white-blue. It contains from 60 to 72 minerals. In Titi-Kaka, I like to repeat this name, or in Tibet it is called ice milk - And they not only drink this water, receiving 8-12% of the absorption of minerals, but more importantly, they irrigate the land, this water year after year,harvest for the crop, generation after generation for 2.5 - 5 thousand years. And they do not have diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, arthritis, osteoporosis, cancers, cataracts, glaucoma, there are no defects in children at birth, no prisons, no addicts, no taxes, no doctors and they live 120-140 yearswithout diseases.

    In your opinion, are these colloidal minerals important?

    And every time you do not take minerals one day, you shorten your life from a few hours or even a few days.