• Treatment with leeches at home

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    In this section you will get acquainted with several rules that need to be guided by a beginner hirudotherapist. Do you think that you have already understood how much and where to put medical leeches? Do you know your disease and have already chosen a suitable scheme for setting leeches? Have you already had several sessions for yourself and felt a positive effect?

    Even if this is the case, pay attention to the rules of using the above classical schemes at home.

    Rule one. Find out exactly your diagnosis from a specialist. Do not look for confirmation of your guesses about the symptoms that you feel, in medical reference books and encyclopedias. In them you can find confirmation of what does not really exist. Students of the initial courses of medical institutions say that when you read information about a particular disease, you involuntarily begin to listen to yourself, look for one or another similar symptom in the depths of your body, and quite often find it. Therefore, do not diagnose yourself and do not listen to the diagnoses that are put to you by "omniscient" relatives, neighbors and acquaintances. Consult a specialist for advice. If hospitalization is necessary for this, go to the hospital.

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    Second rule .Talk with your doctor, tell him that you have decided to take home hormone therapy. Your attending physician categorically does not accept hirudotherapy? Talk to another doctor. But it is advisable to get the appropriate consultation of a specialist-girudoterapevta just for your disease.

    Rule three. At home, arrange for yourself prophylactic hirudotherapy for rehabilitation after a medication course or treat the disease in remission. It is better not to treat acute forms of any disease at home. In the event that financial opportunities and your territorial location allow you to go through the necessary course of hirudotherapy in the relevant centers and clinics, contact there.

    Rule four. Before treating with leech at home , carefully read the relevant literature. You can "go" to the Internet and find there tips and recommended courses of treatment. True, they may differ from one another in different authors. Do not be surprised at this: today there are many hirudotherapists and many different points of view. The main thing in this case should be your friendly attitude to the leech and the confidence that it will help you, and compliance with the proposed schemes will only enhance the positive effect.

    On whether you put them yourself first on the coccyx, and then on the kidneys or vice versa, nothing bad will happen to you. Hirudotherapy - also a kind of creativity, but the basis for treating these or other types of diseases is the same: the classic scheme of setting leeches.

    These schemes may be of interest to you, as they will help you to orient yourself in what the hirudotherapist is doing for you. Unfortunately, today you can meet people who pretend to be big specialists, but in fact they are not. Therefore, it will be better if you yourself know what kind of help you need at the moment.

    Rule five. Do not try to force the leech to sit on a strictly defined place, you need to give it the opportunity to "choose" the place of bite within a radius of 2-3 cm from a home-made girudo-therapist. Remember: leeches are "more visible", where to stick, as you know, they sit only on the reflex points. But do not put them on the veins!

    Remember the main : the bite of a leech is useful no matter where you put it( except for large veins and blood vessels).It's pretty hard to hurt yourself with a leech. It is difficult, but possible. And the most frequent cause of possible complications is improper compliance with the rules for leeches and hygiene rules.

    Above, we listed some diseases in which domestic hirudotherapy is indicated. To this list, you can add the following psychosomatic, somatic and mental diseases:


    high blood pressure;

    inflammatory gynecological diseases;

    a number of dermatological problems;

    effects of heart disease;

    consequences of eye trauma and surgery;

    manic-depressive psychosis;

    violations of bioenergetic balance;


    "Patients" leech noticed that after the session the next day you do not want to smoke, and the next few sessions reduce the number of cigarettes smoked per day.

    You already know how to arrange prevention of "leaping" pressure, gynecological problems, predisposition to cardiovascular diseases, Some problems of your skin.

    How to effectively eliminate the consequences of "eye" operations and treat a number of ophthalmic problems at home with the help of a leech, you will learn from the appropriate times-Cases of this chapter. The ophthalmologist, who treats his patients with leeches since 1973, will tell about it. In another section of the same chapter, you will also get acquainted with the experience of a bioenergetic therapist, who has been helping patients recover for more than 15 years. He will also share his experience of treating mental disorders.

    As for the treatment of injuries and bruises, here the recipe is simple: put three or four leeches around the bruise, swelling or bruising. The next day there will be no trace left of them. Your palm-sized bruise? In this case, it is enough to put two or three leeches directly on the bruise the same day, the next day - two more. Do not be afraid to miss and incorrectly determine the point of production, the leech itself will determine where you need to bite, which will save you from swelling, and from other undesirable consequences.

    Before you put yourself a leech, pay attention to whether there is not on the area of ​​your skin where you are going to put leeches, iodine residues. If you have already smeared their skin, do not hold a session until the colored "traces" disappear: as you remember, the leech does not tolerate sharp odors, including iodine.