• Reception mumiyu on shakirov

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    Treat diseases of the nervous system, ear, skin, stomach diseases, fractures. With articular rheumatism, after correcting the dislocations, with stretches, fractures, etc., 0.5-0.75 g of mummy with pink or other oil. Add the Crimean beans and 3-4 yolks. You can apply them externally or inward by 0.2 g once a day on an empty stomach. After 10 days break, repeat the course. It is studied in Uzbek NIITO.

    AA Shakirov investigated on animals whether the mummy does not have a negative effect on certain internal organs, whether it has carcinogenic properties. It turned out that in this respect the mummy does not cause tissue degeneration. Mummy is practically non-toxic and not radioactive. Biochemical studies confirmed the increased metabolic process under the influence of mummies. Mumiye improves vitality, stimulates vital functions, positively affects the activity of the stomach, the function of certain endocrine organs and the liver, it is antibacterial and especially effective in infections and radiation sickness.

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    In Kabid Kabir, the following way of mixing the mummy is given. To mix the mummies with different oils, rose water, juices and herbs of herbs use water baths, which are moderately heated. Then mix with a glass rod. When a uniform mass is formed, the upper vessel is removed, and the mixture is stored until use in a cool place.

    In oriental medicine, the mummy is used in the form of pills, the composition of which is varied. Here, only one is given, which helps with general weakness, fractures, bruises, stretching: 3 parts of the mummy are mixed with rose water, then 2.5 parts of gum arabic( not glue) and crystalline sugar is added in an amount equal to the mummy. Crystalline sugar and gum arabic are triturated and a mummy dissolved in rose water is added. All are mixed to a doughy state and a pill is rolled from this dough. Since the dose of taking 0.2 g per day, each pill should correspond to 1/4 of this dose. To obtain a rose oil, the petals of the red rose are soaked in water, the top is poured with vegetable oil, all this is mixed and boiled. The water evaporates, and the oil remains, which is filtered through gauze.