• Recipes from aubergines

    Eggplant is a valuable food product, first of all, it is low in calories, because it contains a small amount of proteins and carbohydrates, therefore it is easily digested and recommended as a dietary product, especially for people suffering from obesity. Eggplant bactericidal, therefore improves the microflora of the stomach and intestines. In addition, it will reduce the amount of cholesterol in the blood, so it is recommended for atherosclerosis. Contains a sufficient amount of copper and iron, so it is recommended for anemia( anemia).It is recommended for women during pregnancy and when breastfeeding.

    The leaves and fruits of eggplant contain venom solanine, which is destroyed during drying and heat treatment. Therefore, the plant remains are not put in compost, they are first dried, and then either burned or put in compost. Fruits in the raw form do not use. Eggplant rind contains bitterness, so the fruit is pre-baked in the oven and removed from the hot peel or laid under oppression in raw form, so that the bitterness will flow out.

    Eggplants with different combinations of vegetables

    For 1 kg eggplants: 2-3 kg of squash or pumpkin, 2.5 kg of red tomatoes, 0.5 kg of bell pepper, 300 g of onions and carrots. You can add 1-2 kg of green tomatoes, 3-4 cloves garlic, passed through the scabbard, 50 grams of dill and parsley greens, which just like garlic, add at the very end, when the oil has already surfaced, and put out while stirring 5 more-7 minutes.

    Pre-prepared eggplant. This is done in order to remove the bitterness from them. They can either be baked in the oven beforehand, peeled off the hot fruits, then chopped off, or boiled to half-cooked and finely chopped.

    If carrots are used, then it must be cleaned, grated on a large grater and seasoned with vegetable oil separately.

    If the onion is used, it is finely shredded and fried in vegetable oil separately.

    If tomatoes are used, they must first be poured with boiling water for a couple of minutes. Water drained, and from the fruit to remove the bursted skin, then cut into quarters and put out.

    If zucchini or pumpkin are used, they are peeled and peeled, cut into pieces and fried.

    Then mix all the necessary ingredients, salt, pepper to taste, you can add a little sugar and vinegar or citric acid to taste and cook it in vegetable oil until cooked. Vegetable caviar is ready when the oil pops up.

    If the vegetables are spread over sterile cans in a hot state, roll and cool under the blanket, then you will provide yourself for the winter with an excellent side dish that is equally tasty as cold or hot. Keep it in the refrigerator.

    If all the fried ingredients and eggplants are passed through a meat grinder, and then mixed, seasoned and put out until ready, then vegetable caviar will be obtained.

    Spicy aubergines

    1 kg aubergines, 1 ct spoon of salt( incomplete), 50 grams of garlic, 1 pod of pepper, 150 g of sweet pepper, 0.5 cups of 9% vinegar, 1 -2 ct of vegetable oil spoon.

    Cut eggplants into circles about 1 cm thick, pour salt and put on for 3 hours. Fry on both sides in vegetable oil.

    Pass sweet and bitter pepper, garlic and pour with vinegar through the meat grinder, cover with this mixture of eggplant, mix, spread over jars, cover and put in a cold place.

    If you just roll up, the eggplant can be stored all winter.

    Eggplants canned

    Per liter of pouring( 2 liter cans of eggplant) you will need: 20 g of salt, 3 tbsp.spoons of 9% vinegar, 1 kg of aubergines.

    Bake dense young eggplants in the oven or boil in a small amount of water for about 20 minutes and put under the press for a day to remove bitterness. Place in cans below the shoulders about 1 cm, pour boiling water with salt and add the vinegar. Roll, cool under the blanket.