• Myositis treatment with folk remedies

    Myositis is called inflammation of skeletal muscles.

    Myositis can be acute and chronic.

    Myositis is an inflammatory lesion of the mouse, which over time leads to the formation of dense nodules in the muscle fibers.

    In the course of the disease, myositis is classified into acute and chronic. By the nature of inflammation - on nongual and purulent.

    In the place of the defeat of the mouse on the cervical, dorsal, humeral, gluteal. The most frequent and dangerous are the lesions of the mouse neck.

    1. Prolonged abnormal and uncomfortable position of the body.

    2. Rheumatism.

    3. Diseases of the joints.

    4. Injuries.

    5. Subcooling.

    6. Infectious diseases.

    Symptoms: Acute myositis is characterized by severe muscle pain in a particular muscle group, and the muscles are painful to the touch, and not just when moving.

    What's going on? Myositis most often occurs in the lumbosacral and cervical musculature. The cause of acute myositis can serve as an acute infectious disease( influenza, rheumatism, etc.), traumatic effects( especially muscle contusion), excessive stress and the transition of infection to the muscles from neighboring tissues, most often bone.

    Chronic myositis develops gradually and is the result of chronic infections such as tuberculosis and syphilis, or arise as a professional disease with constant overstrain of the same muscles.

    Manifestations of cervical myositis are pain in the ears, temples, neck, shoulders and forehead. As a rule, the pain syndrome develops in the morning or in the evening. Also, the tension and compaction of the affected muscles is characteristic. The listed manifestations of the disease are amplified by movement, hypothermia, weather change.

    What should I do? Treatment of myositis is carried out under the supervision of a doctor and is to fight infection and the correct organization of work, sports and recreation. With severe pain, the doctor may prescribe a painkiller. A warming ointment, such as finalgon, helps a lot, and in the case of myositis, the ointment from the "Doctor Mom" ​​series has proved effective in children. It is also useful massage and physiotherapy procedures for the affected muscle. Chronic myositis requires treatment at the spa.

    Diagnosis includes the collection of complaints and the history of the development of the disease, examination and conduct of laboratory-instrumental methods of investigation. As a rule, specific cells are found in the blood.

    Treatment of includes non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, in severe cases, antibiotics and even hormones. From physiotherapy, acupuncture, muscle stimulation and massage have proved to be very good.

    With adequate and timely treatment, the prognosis is relatively favorable.

    There is no specific prophylaxis of myositis development.