• Savoy cabbage

    This is also cabbage, originally from Italy. Kochan at it more friable, light, in a lace of more dark covering leaves. The leaves are corrugated and wrinkled, very elegant.

    It has all the properties of cabbage, only it is much tastier. True, less yielding, but more cold-resistant( withstands frosts up to -8 degrees).

    Savoy cabbage grows from shoots to ripeness for about 100 days. Grow it through seedlings, which are planted in the soil according to the scheme of 50 x 50 cm. If you sow cabbage on seedlings in early April, then in the middle of July you will eat it. It is to eat, because it is not only very beautiful, but also very tasty.

    It is especially tasty in schachas, pies, salads. It is used for cooking cabbage rolls and all sorts of second courses, but, alas, it does not kvass.

    Variety of

    varieties From early varieties, the Vienna Early, Golden Early, Early Yellow, and the lesser known Compars hybrid are known( 65 to 75 days from seedling to maturation).

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    Varieties of medium maturity( 80- 100 days): jubilee, Sphere F1, Vega, Melissa F1, Goliath, Atlantic.

    Late grades( 110-130 days): Vertu F1, Vertus, Oeaca, Virosa F1.

    Features of growing

    Savoy cabbage is moisture-loving, but relatively resistant to drought. They grow it just like white or red wine. There is a subtlety when transplanting seedlings: about a week before transplanting the seedlings stop watering and just before planting they do abundant watering. Her enemies are the same as any cabbage. To diseases it is more stable than white-celled, and pests touch it less. Unfortunately, it is stored worse than head, it quickly loses its moisture and dries up, but it spoils less when stored than white-cured. Savoy cabbage because of its elegant appearance is often used in mixed decorative and vegetable plantings, in flower beds.

    Savoy cabbage, especially late varieties, can be planted later. Then it is left to hibernate right under the snow. Autumn cold is not terrible to her, on the contrary, it becomes more delicious. In winter, the snow is raked, the heads cut and put in cold water for thawing.