• Corn Sugar

    General information: corn is an ancient culture originally from America. Annual herbaceous plant up to 3 m tall. Stems are firm, fleshy, not hollow. Leaves are long-lanceolate, ciliate along margin. Flowers are same-sex, develop both male and female on one plant. Male inflorescences are spreading panicles on the tips of the stems, female ones in the form of an ear, leaving the axils of leaves on the middle part of the stem, are dressed with vaginal leaves. During flowering, the stigmas of flowers hang from the vaginal leaves. Blooms in July. Fruit - a yellow, reddish or greenish grain.

    This plant has powerful roots penetrating to a depth of up to 2.5 m;gives a large number of stepchildren and is characterized by rapid growth. Seeds germinate at 8-10 ° C.The optimum temperature for plant growth and development is 20-24 ° C.Frost can not stand. The best predecessors are potatoes and tomatoes. You can grow it on one for several years in a row.

    Requirements: prefers fertile, light-textured soils. Flies moisture, especially during the formation of the ears. Responsive to the application of phosphate fertilizers in the nest during sowing and on microfertilizers containing zinc and molybdenum. One of the best fertilizers for sugar corn is polymicro fertilizer PMU-7, which contains a large amount of zinc.

    Ingredients: contains many sugars, starch, protein, and some forms and a lot of the essential amino acid lysine. In the corn grain there are also fats, vitamins C, B1;В2, РР, in yellow-grained varieties - provitamin A.

    Cultivation of : before sowing seeds are etched with TMTD, which not only protects plants from damage by fungal diseases, but also stimulates their development and increases yield. Seeds are sown in rows with a distance between them of 70 cm and 25-30 cm between plants, the depth of sowing is 6-8 cm in the south and 4-6 cm in the more northerly regions. In order for the corn cobs to ripen by autumn, sowing under glass should be made in April.


    For cultivation in the garden are recommended from of early varieties - Tiraspal early maturing 33 ( reaching technical ripeness after 60-70 days), Early Gold ( 90-92 days); medium-early - Kuban canned 148( 90-99 days); of the medium-ripened - award( 94-106 days), hybrid Jubilee 427 ( 102-105 days).

    Care: loosening of the soil, thinning out of sprouts, top dressing. Pasynkovanie not conduct - it leads to a decrease in yield and promotes the spread of a bubble bunt.

    Harvest: harvest the cobs selectively, in several steps, gently breaking them with one hand and holding the plants - the other.

    Usage: on nutritional value, sugar corn is not inferior to green peas and beans, it is used in cooking in a freshly boiled and canned form.

    Medicinal raw materials are columns of female flowers along with stigmas( or stigmas).Stigmas are collected during the milky-wax ripeness of cobs in late August-September. Stigmas come off, or, better, cut off from the ears, dried immediately after harvesting so that they do not blacken in the shade. Shelf life 1-2 years.

    Essential oils( up to 0.12%), fatty oil( up to 2.5%), gum-like substance( up to 3.8%), ascorbic acid, vitamin K, inoside, as well as cryptoxanthin, sitosterol, etc. were found in the stigmas of corn