• Playful pens from eighteen to twenty-four months

    Cubes. The favorite thing to do is to build out of cubes - the two-year-old does not forget, but the cubes continue to grow with the child. The young builder loves to build from the big foam blocks or cardboard cubes of the tower above himself and then fall on them.

    Beware, the knobs. This stage of development is literally a turning point for curious toddlers. They love to turn the knobs and press the buttons. If you suddenly turned off the TV, you can be sure that this is a freak walking naughty baby. Especially children attract knobs and buttons on radios, music centers and televisions, with the turn and

    pressing which the sound changes. The causal relationship between turning the handle and sounding fascinates the child, and he can stand by your electronic toys for a long time, pressing all the buttons and turning all moving parts to see what will happen.

    Look after him during this research work so that he can learn without crippling your technique. Talk to him while doing this. You can give him such a job as "turn on" and "turn it off."He will be delighted with the power that it gives him. If he begins to abuse his power, perhaps you should take off the pens or for a while put the technique higher. Better yet, give the child pens and buttons, which will be at his full disposal. Old radios and flashlights( which are full on garage sales) are notorious winners. Toys such as "push, and I will ride" for a long time keep the interest of any child.

    Turning pages. Young children love to turn pages in books, but before this period they usually grab two or three pages at once. About a year and a half a child can start turning one page, especially if you show him how to do it, and give him books with thick, sturdy cardboard pages.

    Rule of thirty centimeters

    Children of this age as a radio tape recorder attract what is on the tables. They often run a curious hand across the edge of the countertop, looking for something to grab. Take care that nothing stands on the edge. Develop a habit of moving dangerous objects away from the edge of the table at least thirty centimeters away from playful little hands.

    Development of children's painting. By at the time, as your child turns two, you can gather a whole collection of children's paintings, which are already hung all the walls of your kitchen and the entire refrigerator. When a child draws a bunch of lines or even, quite unexpectedly, a circle, he is very proud of his work and expects applause and hanging his masterpiece in a place of honor.

    Game with covers. Kids love playing with covers and at this stage of development they can begin to unscrew them and spin. We came to the fact that a shoebox with a lid is an ideal pair for the hands of a two-year-old child. Puzzles and puzzles. For a child who is already two years old, loving difficulties that arise in front of him when you need

    Puzzles or puzzles can be very

    busy for kids who love

    tasks for the mind.

    to insert a figure in the hole, and having patience to try all the figures, the puzzle piece and puzzles become a hit of the season. If your child quickly becomes irritated, sit next to him while he breaks his head. Give him to make independent attempts, but if signs of irritation build up, come to the rescue, after showing and telling everything.