• Friendship between children

    I believe that this is the most important rule in this section, it can be called directing for everyone else. So listen carefully. The most important thing you can do for your children is to give them the best possible relationship with each other.

    There are many opportunities to raise children in the family - from deliberately separating them to consciously building the closest connections. And if you will strive for the second option, your children will always remain for each other the most kind friends. And when they become adults, they will necessarily need someone equal - brothers and sisters, as opposed to parents who can never be more equal to children. And most importantly, brothers and sisters must stay together for many years after you are no more.

    I know families whose members have scattered around the globe, but if one of them gets into trouble, then he can firmly count on his sisters and brothers, no matter how far they are. If you want the same relationship between your children( and if you are the right parents, then, of course, you should want this), it is necessary to prepare now.

    There are many methods that help establish strong ties between children in the family. First of all, you must firmly stop attempts to slander( "Maybe this and she left the tape to spin, but you should not have spied on your sister.) It's not fair").This gives them to understand that you appreciate their kind relation to each other.

    In addition, you must encourage their mutual assistance."I'm not very good at math, but I'm sure that Sam will be happy to help you."If they behave themselves, you can reward them collectively - so everyone gets a share of the reward for sharing lunch or for having someone to walk with a dog every day. Talk with all the children at once, at the table or in the car, tell them what is happening: "On the weekend, our grandparents will come to us. .." And as children grow, include them in the process of family discussions of importantquestions, for example, where to go to rest, or in what color to paint the walls in the bathroom. You should try to exclude any manifestation of envy or jealousy between your children. We will talk about this in more detail.

    And here's another thing that can unite any group of people, not necessarily sisters or brothers. It is very useful to give them a common enemy. And who will be this enemy, you ask? Of course you will. Nothing so unites children as an opportunity to complain about each other to their parents. In this case, all mutual grievances are forgotten, and the children are in full harmony with each other. So when you next get together with the spirit to tell them something that they will all just be unhappy, just remember that you are thereby helping to form the most important links between them.