• Our child does not want to go to bed until midnight.what should we do?

    Take the situation in your hands! After all, parents are you, and this gives you a preponderance in deciding the question, at what time your family should go to bed. Try the following:

    Move the afternoon nap to an earlier time so that by the evening the child is really tired. If the day the child is sleeping too much or too late, by evening it may not be enough tired.

    Start the ritual of going to sleep - carry the child in a bag, brush your teeth, sing a lullaby, turn off the light - so that the child expects that this sequence of actions will be a dream.

    Try to resort to close affinity: lie down next to the child, putting a cassette with a lullaby, do the child a massage, hug him with your reliable hand. Try everything that you can think of to make the child relax and enjoy this new joint pastime. Do not forget, he used to be cheerful in this bright and interesting world or play with someone. Now you ask him to obey and fall asleep.

    Try the approach "the adult is in charge here".If, despite all your strategies, you can not calm the child and he still opposes, calmly but firmly put your hand on the child, saying: "It's all right. .. fall asleep. .. bainki. .." You make it clear,that this time for sleep and that at the moment in your plans is only to send both to the dream country.

    Play "dead": if, despite the fact that you are trying hard for him, the child does not calm down, apply his latest trick - pretend to be asleep. After a while the child will join you. It may take a week or two, but soon the child will understand that such an order is introduced in your home.

    Tire him to sleep. If your child has spent the whole day in separation from you or passes through a stage of fear of separation, he may not have the desire to part with you at night and turn off at the due time. If you feel that your child is not tired or that he definitely will not go to sleep himself, and you are not yet ready to go, just lead the ritual of preparing for bed and go about your business. After a while you

    will find the child firmly asleep on the floor in the middle of the living room. Let the child stay where he likes. Take it and carry it to bed. Sometimes in the second or third year, children go through stages of fear of separation, when they do not want to fall asleep without you. Sit comfortably together and watch a quiet video. I spent many nights watching the same cartoon with my children. I even began to enjoy this time of special communication.