• In each recipe - its components

    It is not possible to apply to any child any set of instructions without a specific analysis. I had friends who successfully raised three children according to the same basic rules, but then a fourth appeared - and with him everything turned out not so. Simply, this child looked at the world differently. He did not accept any authority, he had problems with understanding other people. It was wonderful, but really atypical. For example, he refused to undress for the night, explaining this by the fact that it's pointless, since the morning still have to dress.

    My friends constantly came into conflict with him, because he did not correspond to their ideas about a decent child, which they formed in the education of the three elders. However, they were smart enough to sit down and think together about what's what and why, and whether it makes sense to approach this child with the same standards as others. Some of the usual rules managed to be kept, slightly corrected, from others it was necessary to refuse absolutely. The moral of this story is always to think about what and why you are doing, and not blindly follow some canons.

    And do you know what? After that, my friends began to analyze and take a closer look at their relations with the three other children, and as a result, their relations also became even better!

    The trick here is to pay special attention to any areas in which conflicts arise, or which clearly cause anxiety in children, and to understand together what the problem is and what can be done.

    After all, if you do not think about what you are doing, then most likely anything will necessarily come out wrong. In the end, if you do not think about what you are going to the store for, then you will probably return from there with a rather meaningless set of things. If you do not think in advance what you would like in your vacation, there is more chance that it will fail. Likewise, if you do not think how to raise children, then perhaps you will manage to somehow manage it, but, most likely, the result will be far from ideal.