• Strawberry planting technique

    In small areas, strawberries are planted on a cord. For this, the site is divided on two sides by distances equal to the width of the aisles, and pegs are clogged. Between the pegs pull the cord. Then by landing bayonet, hoe, shovel or with the help of a garden shovel through 15-20 cm dig holes always on one side of the cord. The depth of the hole should ensure free placement of the root system of seedlings. Prior to planting, the wells are spilled with water at a rate of 0.5-0.7 liters of water per plant. In this case, the roots are placed in moist soil and after planting no crust is formed.

    Hand held garden tools

    In the following, the soil does not crack. Then, holding the plant in his left hand and adjusting its depth, his right hand falls asleep on the roots of the earth.

    When planting strawberries, make sure that the roots are placed in the ground, if possible, intact and that they are not crowded or compressed and distributed in all directions.

    And it is necessary to ensure that the roots do not bend upward, but are directed downwards. When planting, the earth around the plant is pressed down with the hand so that the heart of the plant is in the same plane with the ground surface. It must be remembered that the soil around the plants planted during the late autumn plantings is especially diligent.

    Deeper or shallower planting leads to the death of plants, in the first case from the trapping of the heart, in the second from the drying out or freezing of the root system.

    After planting in dry, warm weather, it is definitely necessary to water strawberries. Even in the case of wet, rainy weather, watering is often also a desirable measure, so that the loose ground settles down sufficiently and firmly covers the roots of freshly planted plants. Rooting of plants, i.e.the development of new roots, then greatly accelerated. If you have to be afraid of the sun, it is best to shade some young plants just planted. If the space planted with strawberries is small, for example, a small bed, then for a time of intense heat you can even apply burlap, lutrasil. It is best to plant strawberries in the evening. Planted in the evening, the plants are refreshed by the dew at night and are already so strong that they do not need shading at all. In case of a drought during planting, it is necessary to apply more or less prolonged watering. The water consumption from the calculation of the bucket is 2-2.5 m of the row.

    Planting of strawberry seedlings in the prepared well

    When planting in the soil, make a hole in the hand and dip the seedlings of the seedlings, sprinkle the roots on the roots, and press firmly with the hands.

    When large amounts of planting, strawberries have to neglect all these precautions. Therefore, it is certainly preferable to make landing in cloudy, rainy weather or before rain, if possible, this will save a lot of piles and efforts aimed at rooting the plants. After 5-7 days after planting the soil is mulched with a thin layer of peat or humus( 2-3 cm).

    Depth of planting strawberries: 1 - deep landing;2 - correct landing( "heart" at the soil level);3 - shallow landing