• Bedrenice

    Pimpinella major

    Bedrenets is a perennial umbelliferous herb with a height of 20-60 cm with a longitudinally ribbed stem. In the wild it occurs on dry meadows, meadows, near roads and on the fringes of forests. In Europe it is distributed from the Alps to the North Sea. However, it is also found in Asia.

    Description: on the stem are two types of leaves. The lower ones are unpaired-pinnately complex, ovate, deeply filiform along the margin, the upper ones are reduced with a linearly cut plate. Blossoms in the summer. Flowers white or pink with a small calyx, with a five-lobed cornice and five stamens, a spindle-shaped root.

    P. saxifraga - is a poor heather, has similar healing properties and can be used in the same way as a large thigh, but it is not grown or grown much less often.

    Ingredients: root contains up to 0.3 % essential oil, spondin, umbelliferone, isobergene,

    pimpinellin, tannins, resins, sugar, saponin, pectins, etc. Of the minerals, a significant content of potassium and calcium salts should be noted.

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    Cultivation: needs dry, stony soil, prefers sunny areas. In the first year of life in the droughty period, watering is required, it is better to fertilize with compost or to apply organic fertilizers. Sowing from April to May in rows at a distance of 30 cm. The germination of seeds is good. Bedrenets can be grown in pots or boxes on the balcony and outside the window. However, in this case it is recommended to cultivate as an annual culture.

    Harvest: the root is dug from the ground, washed, cleaned, cut along and dried in the shade in a draft.

    Medicinal properties: it serves as an expectorant and improves digestion, so in folk medicine it is used against snoring, coughing and with digestion disorders, as an effective gastric remedy.

    Like all umbrellas, the thigh is used as a diuretic.

    Application: the smell of the thigh is weak, musky, tart taste, slightly astringent and refreshing, reminiscent of cucumbers, at first it is slightly spicy, then the spice feels more distinctly.

    In the pharmaceutical industry, the root is used for the preparation of decoctions, medicinal teas and tinctures. An essential oil is obtained from it. Bedrenets is used for cooking boiled and baked fish, potato and vegetable soups, salads, sauces, tomatoes and kohlrabi. Many people like to add the poor man to the dishes of eggs and cheese. The fragrance of the thigh strengthens and becomes thinner after adding a few drops of lemon juice. Bedrenets is also used for the manufacture of spicy vinegar( in a bottle of vinegar to place 3 well-cleaned stems of the femora - get a strong infusion).