Is it true that in the offensive of menopause men are to blame?

  • Is it true that in the offensive of menopause men are to blame?

    According to experts in the segment of evolutionary genetics from the University of McMaster( Canada), the cause of menopause in older women was that men preferred to younger partners. Therefore, older women simply did not have the sense to preserve the ability to conceive and procreate.

    Abundant night sweats, sudden flashes of blood to the face, sudden mood changes - in all these symptoms accompanying the women's menopause, the representatives of the male are guilty, experts say. According to Canadian experts, the desire of men to relationships with young girls, in the end, led to the fact that in the elderly, the ability to give birth to children from women is lost. This is the assumption made in the material published in the journal PLOS Computational Biology.

    However, British experts contradict the statement and in turn argue that everything is the opposite. Men have to choose to continue the kind of young partners, because older women lose the opportunity to give birth. Scientists around the world have long been trying to solve the riddle of why a person, apparently, is the only species whose representatives are not capable of preserving the ability to produce offspring until the end of life.

    Earlier, specialists proposed a way to explain such a phenomenon with the "grandmother effect".Thus, it was suggested that older women lose fertility at an age when they can no longer grow them, but have the opportunity to educate the children of younger women. From this point of view, menopause was considered a peculiar means of blocking the conception of children at a certain age.

    However, scientists from Canada offer the opposite explanation for this phenomenon: it is the loss of the ability to produce offspring causes climacteric changes in the female body. Using the possibilities of computer modeling, they concluded that in the course of evolution, mankind developed a mechanism of "preferred mating", meaning that men of any age choose their partners younger women themselves. Consequently, this means that the older members of the fair sex already simply did not have the sense to have the opportunity to have children.

    According to the head of the project, an expert in the evolutionary genetics segment, a professor named Rama Singh, men who chose younger women contributed to the loss of older women's ability to give birth. According to the scientist, human history provides a huge number of examples that men of all times preferred to younger women. He also stressed that the group of experts whose coordinator he is, analyzed the development of mankind many millennia ago and that the results of their research are based on the social trends of the present time.

    For example, in British women, the average menopause begins at 52 years, and the average life expectancy of women is about 82 years. Professor Singh believes that the birth of children at a later age and the increase in life expectancy can significantly delay the development of menopause. So, according to the scientist, changes in the social system will eventually be able to delay the climacteric period, since such a trend indicates that such women can come later at menopause. All relevant information will be genetically transmitted to the next generation, which will subsequently lead to a later onset of menopause.

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