• Epileptoid

    The epileptoid is vindictive. This is true. But he remembers and good. Gratitude is effective and active. Epileptoid does not want to be long in debt. However, the reciprocal good, he adequately dose. He calculates his benefits, reproaches the ingratitude of other people. This is regarded by people as pettiness. Do not so devalue it as a whole good faith.

    Complies with the contract. He puts dots over "", and even over "a", that is, it negotiates in detail everything before entering into a new relationship. The epileptoid is law-abiding. And he honors the letter of the law more than the spirit. He is not law-abiding out of cowardice, but out of respect for the law and makes other people law-abiding. Close to the law are generally accepted norms of morality. He also adheres to them and brandes those who retreat. It can be said that the epileptoid is still more law-abiding than moral. And yet we can assume that the epileptoid does not sin( and therefore does not repent).

    He likes to give detailed instructions. Orders clear, clear: first, second, third. .. By the apotheosis: repeat the order. Epileptoid prefers to take responsibility and therefore tries to prevent ambiguity.

    Epileptoids are faithful comrades. Friendship - "from the pot to the grave."Often they have a military friendship, a trench. Based on loyalty to the cause, the ideal, the leader. They help each other in trouble, in joy, in promotion. They are selective friends, for them "an old friend is better than the new two."

    Debts are always given on time and completely. Epileptoid does not like to be indebted. Due to financial discipline, he spends money and can almost always lend to friends. At the same time, as a rule, he will specify the date of repayment, remind the debtor two days before the repayment of the debt, that they supposedly agreed before such a term. But in general, this is a guarantee of financial assistance.

    Respect is also due to the fact that suffering does not endure its epileptoid. If the disease - it tries not to burden people around. Do not moan once more. Epileptoids are restrained and in case of disagreement with someone else's opinion.

    The erudition of epileptoid is fundamental in the field of practically significant things. And within his specialty. He dug deeply into several narrow places. He reads and outlines books, makes extracts, maintains catalogs. So here again he is worthy of respect.

    Statements are well-structured, arranged into simple phrases. He does not abuse introductory sentences and adverbial phrases. He always has everything: first, second, third. The voice is not quiet, but not thunderous. Clearly audible. Intonation - "within the limits of the norm."That is, there is modulation, but not too spreading. It promotes understanding between him and people. He does not interrupt himself. But he himself rarely interrupts.

    Drinks epileptoid infrequently, although it can drink a lot. But he will never get drunk so that he does not get to go home, but to the sobering-up station. He knows the measure, the extreme dose, does not go for it. Chronic alcoholism does not threaten him. He will not drink on the three or behind the pillar. He rarely participates in picnic and tourist booze. Can drink at home or away, at a reception or in a restaurant at a banquet. But here everything is "polledski": the aperitifs salad is the second deserts of a cigarette. Toasts for superiors and for well-working subordinates, business conversations of business people.

    Epileptoids work a year to save money, buy permits and go south to entertain your wife. That is, the planned vacation, systematic, everything is calculated. But no extra spending, immoderate entertainment with fireworks, especially no casino. This, of course, strains relations, but this is only a complication, as a whole the wife, even the hysteroid, is happy.

    Epileptoids almost always systematically rise up the career ladder, gradually or even, say more accurately, on a casual basis. Such an acting career without special falls is possible due to restraint, diligence and the rank of epileptoid. As part of a career - study. Epileptoid studies exactly, goes from class to class, from course to course. And in this respect he is a support for the family. Wife is such a husband is happy. Always prosperity, if not overdo it in needs."•

    In addition to the direct pluses, we realize that the shortcomings are the continuation of merits, the dignity is the continuation of the shortcomings. To understand this, and with respect to the epileptoid, yes, such positive qualities of the epileptoid as decency and orderliness, self-discipline and reliability are the continuation of aggressiveness, explosivenessand pettiness.

    When assessing a person, we take into account that "for you this feature is difficult, but in principle it is commendable" and useful for other people. Epileptoid husband every extricate free minute goes to the computer, and does not embrace loving and beloved in general, his wife. Zhenya should have forgiven him.

    If, next to you, the EPILEPTOID and if its disadvantages are not so important to you as a plus, you should take care of psychological comfort for him. With him and with him it is advisable:

    to observe a reasonable table of ranks;

    take into account age seniority;

    • honor status, merit, veteranship;

    comply with public regulations;

    does not direct even "good" humor to it.

    People associated with epileptoids by family, I advise taking them with their features, what they are. And in the form of a counterbalance, remember that the perfidy of the paranoid, the manipulation of the hysteroid, the dullness of the psychasthenoid, maybe even worse. You will leave from one bad in one person( he epileptoid, meaning, "greedy") to another person;but then it will reveal its bad( it is hypertensive, hence wasteful).

    In conversation with an epileptoid at disagreements, it makes sense to refer to a solid edition, on the bac book( main books).If it is written in unsavory commercial publications - it is unconvincing for the epileptoid. Refer to laws, maybe even other countries.

    It has an obvious sense to study and train conflict-free psychotechnics of communication.

    You do not want complications with him, you want peace, and he has a certain status, listen, and the epileptoid will become your friend, and so - the enemy( did you achieve this?).