• Treatment of stress by folk remedies and methods

    When the tense situation develops, our body reacts to it in a natural way, throwing into the blood adrenaline - a substance that causes the heart to contract more often, preparing us for a fight or saving lives by flight. When our ancestors lived in caves, it was a wonderful mechanism, because they had to deal with wolves and bears, but now this reaction is less consistent with the conditions of our lives.

    Stressful situations are harmful, but not on their own. The important thing is how you react to them. And, I must say that situations that cause depressing stiffness and anxiety in some people, have a beneficial effect on others. Stress can increase the risk of myocardial infarction, if you are living in a hurry due to lack of time, grieving over trifles, do not know how to escape from cares and relax;because of a sense of competition, you are placing too high demands on yourself.

    Stress can increase blood pressure, cause headaches, insomnia, upset stomach, increase blood cholesterol, provoke overeating, smoking and, in general, can make life less pleasant than it should be.

    There is no ready-made recipe for overcoming stress, but there are ways to sometimes adapt to it, and sometimes avoid it or weaken it. Here are some useful considerations. Do not rush to act when you experience stress, take a "time out" for a few minutes. A short walk or two minutes alone can help a lot.

    In a stressful situation, listen to yourself and try to change the course of your thoughts.

    In your free time, train in relaxation - learn to relax. Sit or lie down, let the muscles relax, mentally focus on some soothing image( gently rolling waves, the blue smoothness of a mountain lake, the soft rustle of leaves on the wind.)

    After training a week or two, you will find that you can relax instantly.recent studies, deep relaxation can help lower blood pressure

    If you are in your mental attitude to people who do not always have time and suffer from it, take yourself for a rule in the morningthe clock will take some time to write a written plan for the day. If not everything will turn out as planned, for important things the time will still be

    Regular exercise, their soothing effect is felt immediately and persists for a long time.

    If you drink a lot of coffee, limit yourself to three, say, cups a day, and stimulating drinks like Coca-Cola can increase the feeling of nervous tension.

    Do not fall into the trap of relying on sedatives or alcohol. Over time, they create their own stress, which can be much worse than the original one.