• Do you need toys?

    I'm also a dissident here."Lego" and other beautifully decorated designers, Barbie and other disgustingly expensive dolls will develop in children not the love of creativity and their future children, but the desire for luxury, which requires so much money that they can be obtained either by open robbery for example, or by disguised methods of forcible removal: the results of someone else's labor with the help of previously appropriated tools and means of production, that is, theft of fraud. And if you do not get it, then develops envy and complex, inferiority. Although this complex by and large should arise from the owners of "Lego" and Barbie. They will not learn anything. Netnet, learn. .. to collect unpretentious combinations of nations, programmed by the device of the designer and by the picture of the individual. They will learn to disassemble the doll in order to find out whether there is anything more interesting in it, because the samato doll is horrible as uninteresting. They will learn to scatter on the floor but the giruki( and even the head with the eyes pinned out) in one direction, and the trunk without hands - in the other. But this is equivalent to the fact that they will not learn anything. Leo Nikolayevich( Tolstoy), by the way, did not approve of factory dolls, in his house children had homemade ones.

    The best, in my opinion, the designer - the goats that still have to be made, the logs in the yard, which must be sawed for firewood, and the two-handed saw. Two-handed saw - a complex, as it turns out, and even tricky for a child and a teenager tool. All the time, an unclean force is wedged in the log. Saw this and De Aulo bends and publishes a shrill screech as a reproach to someone who does not know how to use it.

    There is so much room for labor imagination, as there is not any fancy "Lego".

    And if you really need a doll, then let the child make it from rags, clay, sticks, straw. Any Soviet-Russian "psychologist educator" will say that there is more aesthetic and moral creativity here than in dressing and obez dominating dozens of Barbie. In natural constructors lies creation, not destruction.

    A large number of abandoned toys accumulate in the house. At least, take them to other children in orphanages.

    Our experience with Katya confirms all this. Lena - a woman, whatever you say - bought a lot of dolls. And all of them are stored in baskets. Katya draws and cuts out her dolls from paper, draws dolls on the floor, on the windowsill - you can, she can do everything for development. And the next doll, bought in the store under a loud cry: "I want" - she throws in five hours in a filled basket. And he remembers only when my mother remembers. Similarly, with the designers of the "Lego" type. Mom starts building, Katya joins. And if in itself, then he takes pencils, matches and builds wells from them, adds letters. Screws and unscrews the lids on the cans. And all the special cubes are again stored in a large basket. Katia willingly saws the planks on the dacha, screws up the screws, smoothes and paints the handrails on the stairs leading to the second floor under the roof. That is, she is committed to the kinds of work that we have in progress. But I deal with it specially by sewing and embroidering. Since my mother is more inclined to work with a computer, my work was done in the past, and my mother at one time was embroidering and I got a little attached, well, not like a Swedish king, but I can embroider something with a smooth cross and a Bulgarian cross. Lena is engaged in computer graphics with Katya, and although the games are also in high esteem, all the same, print texts and make computer drawings - it's Lena( well, I try to keep up) for Katya provides.