Psychology of the disease and how not to become a pharmacy customer

  • Psychology of the disease and how not to become a pharmacy customer

    Have you ever wondered why some people leave the lion's share of the family or personal budget in pharmacies, while others do not even know where the nearest pharmacy is? Some become a walking medical encyclopedia, for others the same disease is abnormal and out of the ordinary?

    Heredity, immunity, ecology, proper nutrition, healthy lifestyle - all these are certainly important factors affecting human health. And yet, to be more observant, something in such reasoning about health does not quite "grow together".Why is a woman breastfeeding a newborn acquires practically impenetrable immunity, although recently she survived the stressful situation of childbirth, and did not differ from her health before delivery? Why in the war soldiers, being sometimes in inhuman conditions, wet, cold and hungry, almost never hurt?

    Why from the lowered alcoholic, about a healthy life style which can not be and speeches, very long time literally rebound any illnesses until alcohol will finish its "black business"

    completely, completely destroying the liver or kidneys? What unites these different situations? I'd venture to suggest that none of these people in their situations cared for their health. Mother babies give all her attention and care to the newborn. A soldier, at the risk of dying from a bullet any minute, will he be afraid of catching a flu or a cold? Well, the alcoholic, for obvious reasons, takes more care of the next dose than about health.

    What follows from this? Do not we need to take care of our health? I would first suggest a very simple thing - to replace the verb "take care" for a little old-fashioned word "radet".And include in the concept of "health of your health" all such health-beneficial activities as proper nutrition, exercise or exercise, outdoor exercise, tempering and the like. Do you feel the difference? Caring involves excitement, and even fear. Think about health, not illness. The human body is programmed for health and has at its disposal a lot of "antivirus programs", if we speak modern computer language. Fear of the disease blocks these programs, opening wide access to various diseases. A lot is promoted by television and other mass media. They literally bomb our brain with information about various diseases and medications. Many earn well on our diseases, and timid attempts to ban advertising of drugs meet no less resistance than the ban on advertising alcohol and tobacco products.

    Doctors and scientists have long questioned the powerful and direct influence of our thought processes on the physical condition of the body. Numerous experiments have shown, for example, the so-called "placebo effect" when patients, under the guise of potent drugs, were given "dummy pills", which had a therapeutic effect comparable to the effect of real medications. This category includes numerous facts of "miraculous" healings from the most serious, including fatal, diseases. In everyday life, we subconsciously use the same effect, only in the opposite direction.

    For example, long before the flu epidemic, we are persistently informed of its inevitability, indicating even specific terms and scales. Statistical data on the continuous growth of cardiovascular, oncological and other serious diseases threatening our lives lead to a state of panic. What can I say about small diseases that have become constant companions of even many young people for whom at this age it is unnatural even to think about some "sores"!

    Such a young lady does not say that she does not like, for example, milk. No, she's allergic to milk! At this age, they are well versed in how to use a pill to get rid of a headache, lower or raise pressure, calm nerves and the like. Their home medicine kits remind, at least, the "anxious suitcase" of an emergency doctor. It might be funny if it was not so sad. After all, this attitude to illnesses they carry over to the next generation, from infancy, "pique" their children for whatever reason, with various pills and potions. Is this not the main root of the health problems of the current generation of preschool and school children with all the achievements of modern medicine?

    The human body has a huge safety margin and is able to cope with virtually any unfavorable external influences. Be happy about health, be always mobile, active, in a good mood! You are created to be healthy and enjoy life, and no illnesses are frightening to you!

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