How to choose the first motorcycle for a beginner?

  • How to choose the first motorcycle for a beginner?

    What is a motorcycle? For many people, this is just another means of transportation, and very dangerous. But for people who see in a motorcycle the meaning of life is the peak of perfection, the purpose of their life. Many guys, and often girls, dream of a two-wheeled friend from childhood. Some imagine themselves on a steep, sporty motorcycle, while others - in their dreams float towards the wind on a big, beautiful, powerful, with a huge steering wheel bike.

    In our article today we will give you the basic tips for choosing a motorcycle for a beginner. They will help to buy the first motorcycle, which will be just perfect for you.

    Tips on how to correctly choose the first motorcycle

    Buying a two-wheeled friend must solve for himself a few simple tasks.

    The first arises when you begin to realize your cherished dream. In order to get behind the wheel of your dreams, you need to be sure that you will cope with it. It's all the same stupid to buy a motorcycle with a 1.3 liter engine a
    nd a weight of about 200 kg., With its own weight about 70. It will be difficult for you to keep it on the road, and even more so in difficult or even extreme situations. So the first condition for choosing the first motorcycle will be your physical capabilities. Proceeding from this, the opposite condition also emerges: the boy weighing 130 kg., Which will look ridiculous on a light motorcycle weighing 85-120 kg. Choose the "horse on the rider"!A motorcycle with a volume of 150 - 250 cubes will be ideal for beginners( runs briskly and eats a little fuel).

    The second condition for choosing an iron pet should be your ability to manage this new "beast" .For novice bikers, a powerful motorcycle is not the best choice: it's difficult to manage, and there will be difficulties in starting from the place, and to be honest, you do not even appreciate all the power and opportunities that you will have, but will only have a lot of unnecessary problems! All comes with experience!   

    There are many models from which you can choose your new motorcycle: chopper, sport, tourist, and others. But this is not to get hung up! The main thing is for what purpose you need it. You want to travel often for long distances - choose one on which it will be convenient to sit. Want everyone to turn their heads and look at you in the trail - then Vse-Sekrety experts.ru recommend sports, and it really will not leave anyone indifferent.

    Which firm to buy a motorcycle and at what price?
    Among the brands of motor transport, of course, everyone dreams of the legendary Harley-Davidsons, sports Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha and other equally well-known moto. But here the question immediately arises( and this is also the third condition for choosing moto): is it worth it to invest a lot of money in your first motorcycle and buy an eminent Japanese or American? Still, you need to learn how to ride, and it's not so easy as it seems. It would be ideal to buy a new Chinese( do not confuse artisanal and factory China) - it will not be very expensive( 1,000-2,000 USD) and after a year or two it will be possible to sell it for 80-85% of the new cost, and ifthere will be a couple of scratches or dents - it's not terrible, it's not going to make it too cheap! You will receive an invaluable driving experience and will know what you need from a motorcycle in the future.

    And last, the fourth condition for buying a pet: new or used. Of course, the new is new, and there are no questions that can not be chosen! But if you still decided to take used - then only through a familiar mechanic or from people you know well!

    Buy an expensive motorcycle and expensive equipment does not mean to become a cool motorcyclist! Remember: all the bikers, once also like you, chose their first motorcycle. .. Have fun and see you on the roads!


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