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    Cervical erosion is a peptic ulcer of the vaginal cervical mucosa. The pathological process is characterized by the fact that the normal mucous epithelium of the cervix under the influence of certain factors is replaced by the cylindrical epithelium of the cervical canal. Such a diagnosis most often does not threaten anything serious, since erosion is a benign process of the cervix and rarely leads to the onset of cancer.

    There are the following types of erosion of the cervix:

    - driven ectopy of the cylindrical epithelium of the cervical canal .When viewed in mirrors, congenital erosion looks like a rounded formation of bright red color. Occurs in adolescence and adolescence. This is the only type of erosion, capable of spontaneous self-healing. The risk of degeneration into oncology is low;

    - true erosion of the cervix is a defect in the multilayered flat epithelium of the cervix. When viewed with mirrors, you can see a bright red spot with a diameter of up to 1 cm around the outer throat of the uterus with clear, delimited edges. True erosion exists approximately 1-2 weeks after which the true erosion passes to the next stage( type) of the disease - ectopia. The risk of degeneration into oncology at this stage is also quite low;

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    - ectopia( pseudo-erosion) is a pathological change in which the normal multilayered planar epithelium is finally replaced by cylindrical cells. When viewed in mirrors, the ectopia looks like a red section located near the external pharynx, more often on the posterior lip. Pseudo-erosion can exist for months and years. As a rule, without appropriate treatment, erosion does not pass. The risk of degeneration of ectopy into oncology is low in the absence of atypia of cells( atypical structure of cells, which can appear during the transformation into a cancer tumor).Particular caution is also caused by patients with HPV papilloma virus infection of high oncogenic risk( 16, 18, 31, 33 type).In this case, the risk of cervical cancer increases several times.

    Their all listed types of erosion ectopia of the cervix is ​​more common than others and requires careful approach and treatment.

    Photo of the cervix is ​​normal.

    Photo Cervical erosion when viewed in mirrors.

    Causes of cervical erosion

    Causes of erosion of the cervix are different.

    The most common causes of cervical erosion:

    - earlier onset of sexual activity or vice versa, rather later, rare sexual intercourse, frequent change of sexual partners;
    - sexual infections and inflammatory diseases of the female sexual sphere( HPV, chlamydia, ureaplasmosis, trichomoniasis, gonorrhea, vaginal dysbiosis, etc.);
    - traumatic effects( abortions, mechanical injuries, surgical interventions, childbirth, etc.);
    - hormonal and immune disorders( irregular menstruation due to hormonal disorders, endocrine diseases, weakened immunity).

    Symptoms of cervical erosion

    In the vast majority of cases, erosion of the cervix rarely shows itself clinically and most often such a diagnosis is a finding in gynecological examination.

    But it happens that the patients themselves turn to the gynecologist with complaints about blood discharge, not related to menstruation, especially after sexual intercourse. Women may be troubled by symptoms such as pain during intercourse and mucopurulent discharge. The latter is due to the fact that inflammation is associated with erosion, which significantly worsens the course of the disease. Similar symptoms of erosion, many women are confused with thrush, with menstrual secretions, with the threat of miscarriage during pregnancy. ..

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    Diagnosis of cervical erosion

    At the first visit, a gynecologist will be able to diagnose you "Cervical erosion".However, visual inspection is not enough. To make sure your judgments are correct and determine the tactics of treatment, you will be offered to take tests:

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    Treatment of erosion of the cervix

    Depending on the type of erosion, its size and concomitant infections, the tactics of treating cervical erosion will be different. When congenital erosion requires dynamic observation, as a rule, erosion regresses itself( disappears).

    It is better to get rid of true erosion and ectopia in time.

    To date, there are many effective ways to treat cervical erosion. Each method has its pros and cons. Conservative treatment and surgical are distinguished.

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    Folk remedies for cervical erosion.

    The attitude to folk remedies in treatment of cervical erosion in gynecologists is ambiguous, as the effectiveness of such drugs is not proven. Many gynecologists hold the view that folk remedies in general can not be used in erosion, since at best there will be no effect at all, and at worst the treatment will lead to even greater progress of the disease. Therefore, it is better not to experiment. However, folk remedies can supplement the basic treatment and accelerate the healing of erosion.

    Folk remedies are used most often in the form of tampons, you can use syringing tinctures of medicinal herbs. In the form of tampons, sea buckthorn oil is most often used.

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    Treatment of cervical erosion during pregnancy

    The presence of cervical erosion does not affect pregnancy in any way, as does pregnancy for erosion. Surgical treatment( cauterization of erosion) is not carried out during the entire pregnancy, since after cauterization it will be more difficult to give birth. The cervix will be worse to open and stretch during labor if it is burned during pregnancy, so it is better to postpone all manipulations for the postpartum period. You can apply for the treatment of erosion funds from traditional medicine( the same sea buckthorn oil).The use of phytotampins is contraindicated in pregnancy. In the presence of an infectious process, antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs are prescribed locally. Most gynecologists simply conduct a dynamic observation of pregnant women with erosion of the cervix.

    Prevention of cervical erosion

    It is always easier to protect yourself from the disease than to treat it. In order to protect yourself from similar gynecological diseases like erosion of the cervix, first, take it as a rule to visit a gynecologist twice a year. Even with one examination on the gynecological chair, the gynecologist will be able to detect erosion and start treatment in time. Secondly, observe the rules of personal hygiene - take a hygienic shower twice a day, especially during menstruation. Third, change your lifestyle. This is mainly related to sexual life:

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    Questions and answers that patients most often ask the gynecologist for erosion of the cervix

    1. Is it possible to cessation of cervical erosion for neonatal girls? Answer:

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