• Monster is attractive

    For jaded, often annoyed people

    Monstera helps clear the space of negative energy

    Do you lead the team? Then it is necessary to put the monster in the cabinet. The plant will clear the space after a tumultuous debate, protect against unkind looks, will help make the right decision.

    There is an opinion that a monster creates an unfavorable atmosphere in the house. Perhaps it is knitted with the name( consonant with the word "monster") or the appearance of the plant: rugged, like perforated leaves and a tangle of interlocking air roots. Monster, unlike most houseplants, does not really emit, but absorbs energy. But it feeds only on bad, heavy energy. An irritated person, sitting near the monster, feels rested and relieved. And if you have a good mood and condition, then you will not feel any devastation, having been near the plant, you will not feel.

    It is good for Monster to have in the house those whose work is connected with constant meetings, meetings, negotiations, discussions. In the evening, the monster with pleasure will cleanse the person of all superfluous, superficial. The

    features of Monster's

    CARE are unpretentious. In winter, water the plant sparingly, in summer abundantly. Adults, in addition to spraying, need regular washing of leaves. The substrate must be very loose. Propagate the monster with air layers and cuttings. To make the plant look attractive, it is fixed on a special column, wrapped in coconut fiber. Clinging to the coconut "patluks" with air roots, the monster climbs up and over time becomes like an exotic tree.

    Family aroid. The monster's lineage.

    Natural climatic conditions: the tropics of Mexico and Guatemala.

    Liana with a thickened stem with aerial accessory roots;leaves petiolate, roundish, large( up to 70 cm in diameter) young - whole, adults - peristorassechennye, with well-marked segments-strips, often - pitted, shiny, dark green;an inflorescence - an ear, covered with a yellow "coverlet", these cobs are edible.

    Steady, unpretentious appearance( it makes strong deviations from the optimum, however it can cease to bloom and bear fruit).

    Moisture requirement: prefers abundant watering( can tolerate uneven humidification), but does not like soil moisturelogging;spraying is required, it is desirable to wash the leaves;optimal conditions with high atmospheric humidity.

    Temperature regime: the optimum temperature is about 18 ° C, but it suffers from strong fluctuations and swings. Skvoznyakov is not afraid.

    Light mode: undemanding plant. The eastern and western expositions are optimal.

    Requirement for soil: optimum soil mixture from soddy, foliage and humus lands with sand in a ratio of 3: 1: 1: 1, but options are possible. Drainage must be high.

    Reproduction: lateral offspring in March-June, apical and stem petioles, rooted at elevated temperature( 22-25 ° C).

    Features: needs support. Better develops in the presence of free soil for additional rooting of accessory roots.