• What to do with freckles

    "Solar spots" bring a lot of grief, often completely vain. Freckles give the person a hint and attractiveness, so it is not necessary to delete them. However, many still want to get rid of them - and here first of all you can advise: once the sun has gained strength, take advantage of the photo-protection creams and powders described in the previous section. Well protect the skin with dark glasses, wide-brimmed hat. But there are other remedies against freckles.

    In spring, you should eat more foods containing vitamin C: fruits, green onions, lemons, red and black currant juice, sauerkraut, rose hip tea, etc. Ascorbic acid reduces the sensitivity of the skin to sunlight.

    Very important and cleaning the skin of the face. Wash with sour milk and milk whey, infusions of milk fungus, containing a greater concentration of lactic acid( it whitens the skin).It can be replaced with a solution of citric acid( 2-3 grams per 0.5 cup of water).

    A good cosmetic effect is given by the mask on the face. They can be prepared from the remains of products that are at hand( tomatoes, currants, strawberries, radishes, apples) - and from one or more components. However, in all cases, berries or vegetables must be carefully kneaded, pounded and freed from grains. Radish grate on a grater, pour a few drops of vegetable oil and mix well. Mask is done like this: put the mass on a gauze napkin folded 2-3 times, and apply to the face for 15 minutes. Then rinse with warm water. Complete the procedure with a cold compress.

    You can prepare a mask from yeast, diluting them with hydrogen peroxide. Popular masks from cucumbers: they rub on the grater, mush is applied to the face for 20 minutes( instead of using thin slices or peel of cucumber), cover with a gauze napkin, and then remove the remains of moisture with a paper napkin. For masks, milk and cottage cheese, kefir and yogurt, sour cream and vegetable oil, eggs and berries, starch and vegetables, infusions and herbal medicinal herbs: chamomile and sage, rose hips, linden and pink, etc. are suitable.

    For bleaching, softening and refreshingskin is good mask of gruel leaves of black currant, sorrel, fruits and leaves of elderberry or mountain ash, lemon juice or horseradish mixed with sour cream or curdled milk( 1 teaspoon per 1 tablespoon gruel or leaf juice).Whitening properties of parsley juice( parsley greens finely chop, pour boiling water, strain and cool, wash the face 2-3 times a day).

    From May to August, every freckle( or stain) can be lubricated with dandelion juice, and when it dries, wipe your face with whey or kefir.

    Masks should be applied systematically, 2-3 times a week, preferably in the evening( course 15-20 masks).We remind you, the whitening effect does not come immediately.

    And if the freckles still appeared? To help come bleaching creams. They are consumed daily in the evenings( 15-20 procedures).

    There are creams that exfoliate the skin. They are rubbed into the skin in the evening on a pre-washed face, and in the morning they are washed with soap and water. Starting to use any cream, you need to check its effect on a small area of ​​the skin. If the redness or swelling does not appear within a day, then this cream can be applied to the face. If the skin appears at least the slightest signs of irritation, immediately discard it.

    In winter it is much easier to cope with freckles.

    By the way, all the listed means and ways of skin care are shown to those women who have brown discolorations in the spring more noticeable. However, you should warn: do not strive for a sharp bleaching of the skin, this leads to its early fading, and the face, as if powdered with chalk, looks unnatural.