• Things that the school does not teach

    Everyone insists that the school is necessary in order to organize their lives, but in fact the school gives general knowledge, but does not teach the realities of life. In this article, we list what the school does not teach.

    1. Life is not fair at all - and it's time to agree;   
    2. Everyone does not care about you. Everyone expects you to achieve great achievements, not yet taking into account the feeling of your personal dignity;
    3. It is unlikely that someone will pay you 50 thousand a year, immediately after leaving school and even the institute. You will not have a personal limousine with a driver until you achieve it yourself, unless your parents do it;
    4. If you now think that your teacher is too demanding and very strict to you - wait to meet your boss. After all, the boss's career will depend on how you will work;   
    5. Being a chef at McDonald's is not below your dignity. Your great-grandfathers would even call such a job - good chance;
    6. Do not blame your own failures on your parents. It is better to learn from them an example;
    7. Until the time of your birth, your parents were cheerful, energetic, and not the kind you now see them, boring and uninteresting. They became so, earning money, that your childhood was carefree, and you did not make mistakes in life;
    8. In the school put a bad evaluation, but in life the same mistakes will have consequences;
    9. In the future, your life will not be divided into quarters, vacations, holidays, etc., there will be continuous weekdays: 2 days off per week and 24 days of vacation per year;

    10. In life, there will be few employers who, unlike teachers, will take care of you to help you find your own "I".You will need to do this all in your spare time;
    11. Do not confuse the real life with the one that is shown on TV.In life, you will spend more time at work than in a coffee house;
    12. Diplomas received in the school in most cases do not affect the admission to the institution, although the teachers say the opposite;
    13. Most of the knowledge obtained at school is not useful in life;
    14. Quite often those who are not very are good at learning to achieve great success;
    15. Always maintain good relationships with your classmates and friends. Most likely, one of them in life, sooner or later, will help you in life.

    If you have experience, you can add to our list. We will include the most interesting ideas in the article!