Diet for the 2nd blood group: the pros and cons of such a diet, the list of allowed products

  • Diet for the 2nd blood group: the pros and cons of such a diet, the list of allowed products

    If you have a 2 blood group, the rules of nutrition from Dr. Adamo are quite suitable for you. The system of Peter J. Adamo, who developed the food system depending on the blood group, is based on the assumption that all existing blood groups have occurred as a result of evolution at different stages of human development.

    The oldest blood type is the first. From the first blood group all the other groups occurred.

    If you eat without agreeing with your blood group( that is, a diet for group 2 blood is not respected), then the body is not able to correctly process the products, as a result of which the metabolism is disturbed, the body is loaded with toxins and toxins, and you suffer fromdiseases caused by malnutrition.

    As soon as only a diet for your blood group starts to be performed, how the body works returns to normal and, accordingly, the health condition improves.

    The second blood group

    The ancestors of people with the second blood group were farmers. Therefore, a diet for people with this blood group prohibits meat and dairy products as not characteristic of the farmer's body. The diet does not oblige to comply with all the requirements by 100%, it will be enough and 70%, that is, a person can give himself an allowance, adhering to a diet in the main.

    Recommended products

    A diet for people with type 2 blood suggests full vegetarianism, that is, meat is prohibited. You should eat more vegetables, legumes, mushrooms. Useful fruit farmers. Dairy products and sugar should be limited. It is allowed to use low-fat cheese and fermented milk products. Dairy products should be replaced with soy.

    Eggs use diet allows. You can use river fish, and sea fish and seafood to limit.

    Coffee, fruit juices and drinks are recommended from drinks. Avoid standing black tea and sharp fruit juices, such as orange.

    The digestive system of people of the 2nd blood group is tuned to vegetarianism, so eating meat slows down digestive processes and promotes fat deposition. From meat you can eat only chicken and turkey meat.

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