Treatment of couperose at home with reviews and tips on how to treat a home is a disease

  • Treatment of couperose at home with reviews and tips on how to treat a home is a disease

    Most skin rashes are associated with malnutrition. Not an exception and couperose. Treatment of couperose at home provides for comprehensive measures where a special diet is observed, and funds are used to improve blood circulation and vascular status.

    Reviews show that traditional medicine gives excellent results and in most cases surpasses expensive anti-couperose cosmetics.



    "I have a problem with the skin - couperose. I drink from time to time Ascorutin and I make refreshing masks from potatoes. While this is saved. I do not use any creams - I consider them ineffective. Also exclude fatty and spicy food. I drink chamomile tea! "

    " I'm not a fan of running around the doctors. And I think it's utter delirium to treat couperose with a laser or other expensive procedures. First you can try folk methods. You need to stop floating your face with hot water or wash with cold water. Lubricate problem areas with rosemary oil. Refuse alcohol and smoking if there are such sins. And everything will be right! "

    " Couperose appears due to a lack of routine. Its a lot in red berries and vegetables. You can make masks from blueberries, raspberries, strawberries and so on. Also perfectly suited citrus. I eat yummy and smear her face. The red mesh disappears! "

    " First I solved the problem with troxevasin. He did not help me. Only a little bit of redness has gone and that's it. The pharmacy advised to drink vitamins, and lubricate the face with a tincture of calendula. That's helped! "

    " I perfectly suited the mask from starch. When there is no time to prepare it, I make a mask of raw potatoes. Couperose passes quickly. I have this problem mostly in the winter. From the temperature difference! "

    " Perhaps I have an isolated case, but decided to speak out. I had a couperose on my cheeks after giving birth. The skin itself is bright, never had a blush. And here something red. To the person could not touch - so it burned and was shelled. I was busy with a small child, there was no time to be engaged in myself.
    A month after the diet, the couperose passed by itself. My opinion - there was a small hormonal failure, and the proper nutrition helped! »

    How to cure a couperose yourself

    Mask from raw potatoes

    Potatoes should be rubbed on a small grater and applied to the face. After the procedure, wipe off the decoction of chamomile.

    Berry mask with starch

    Take a mixture of berries that you have. For example, blueberries, raspberries, sea buckthorn, apple. Make mashed potatoes and add a teaspoon of starch.

    Oatmeal mask

    One tablespoon of oatmeal grind into flour. Dissolve in a spoon of chamomile. Add a spoonful of vegetable oil.

    Antikuperozny Cream

    Take your nourishing cream and add to it a grated tablet of askorutina.

    Essential oils

    From rosemary, mint, thyme and grape seed oil helps with couperose. You can make a mixture of all these ingredients.

    How to treat couperose, everyone decides for himself. When choosing a particular method, they are always guided by something. Objective opinion: if couperosis occurred after visiting a sauna or hypothermia, a good feast or during a lack of vitamins, you can treat it folk methods.
    If the red mesh appeared on a large area of ​​the face or for no apparent reason, you need to contact a dermatologist or a cosmetologist. It may be necessary to undergo a course of treatment to strengthen the vascular system or heart. Cosmetic means here will not help.
    With the hereditary appearance of couperose, you must follow a certain diet and lead a healthy lifestyle. It is better to prevent its spread, than to seek remedies for its treatment.