Useful and medicinal properties of thick-leafed horseradish( Mongolian tea, chagyr)

  • Useful and medicinal properties of thick-leafed horseradish( Mongolian tea, chagyr)

    Perennial herbaceous plant. Radical leaves are dense, shiny, in the autumn bright red, form a large rosette. Stem, or flower stem, leafless, glabrous, twice as long as leaves with their petioles. Flowering budan early in the spring, even before his leaves bloom. The flowers are beautiful, bright red, collected in a blizzard-chato-corymbose inflorescence. Particularly notable is the rhizome of badana: fleshy, the thickness of a finger to the thin female wrist. Hardly covered with earth, it spreads, branches strongly, has many root

    lobes and ends with a deep-reaching root.

    Badan is a valuable medicinal plant. Due to its high content of tannins, it is used in medicine and as a root tanning agent in the leather-shoe industry. Arbuntin, contained in the roots of badana, has antipollution, disinfection and anti-inflammatory effect. Thanks to the content of tannins, it is also valuable as an astringent, hemostatic and sealing tissue of the mucous membranes( hence, and as an analgesic) remedy. Therefore, Badan is recommended for women's diseases, especially with uterine bleeding with erosion( abrasions) on the cervix, as well as with whites. It is useful to use it for inflammation and ulceration of the mucous membrane( in the nose, mouth, etc.).

    Liquid extract from the root of badana is recommended for taking pains: headaches, in the throat and stomach. Powder from the root is sprinkled with wounds.

    Application of

    For douching and rinsing: 1 tbsp.a spoonful of extract of badan is taken for 1 liter of water for syringing the vagina, followed by infusion of the extract itself in such quantity that the whole cervix of the uterus is washed. Hold this liquid for 10-15 minutes. So you have to do it every day until the pain disappears and the bleeding stops. The result affects after 2-3 weeks, and sometimes even earlier.

    Liquid extract from the root of badana: 3 full st.spoons of crushed root into a glass of boiling water, evaporated to half( for the above-described douching).For internal use take the extract three times weaker, i.e. 1 full art.spoon( with top) of the root to a glass of boiling water;take 20-30 drops 3 times a day. This extract can also be prepared from the basal leaves of the panic plant from plants no less than three years old, and also evaporated to half.

    Broth: for lubricating bleeding gums, a simple decoction of 2 hours of root spoons is used in people for half a cup of boiling water.