Which foundation is the best for problem skin, how to choose a good and therapeutic, reviews

  • Which foundation is the best for problem skin, how to choose a good and therapeutic, reviews

    The tonal cream is one of the main components of women's cosmetics. With its help you can perfectly hide some flaws or lighten your skin. But sometimes tonal creams have absolutely negative impact. By hiding the problem areas, they make them more vulnerable, which makes it much more difficult to get rid of problems such as dry skin, wrinkles, pimples, etc. So which foundation is the best for problem skin, how to choose the right makeup and not make a mistake?

    Top-10 proven tonal creams

    1. Vichy Normaderm Teint - a remedy from the world famous manufacturer, suitable exclusively for oily skin. Many who used cosmetics from Vichy, recommend to clean the face before use. It gives the face a smooth matte tone, does not clog pores and lasts up to 8 hours. The effect of the mask on the face is missing, while redness disappears perfectly, but more serious skin problems will remain visible;
    2. CLINIQUE Anti-Blemish Solutions Liquid Makeup is the product most suitable for combination problem skin. However, it can be used both for dryness and for excessive fat content. The reviews of many girls make it clear that the clinic does an excellent job not only with the masking of pimples and redness, but also with their stopping and even fighting with them. Of course, do not forget about professional remedies, after all, a foundation can only mask the problem, but not solve it completely;
    3. Max Factor Color Adapt is a non-medicated foundation, perfectly suitable for all skin types. An even and natural shade of the face is created quickly and easily. This option, according to the producers, is able to disguise even the most problematic places on the skin, so those to whom acne or redness is not new, will appreciate this remedy;
    4. Dior Diorskin Forever is a good foundation. Has a wide range of shades and is suitable for any type of skin. The product does not contain alcohol, why after about 4-5 hours makeup will still have to be corrected, but you will never spoil the skin;
    5. Lumene "Matt Touch" is a tool exclusively for masking problem areas on the face skin. Perfectly matiruet and creates a smooth tone, which lasts for several hours. Do not roll down and do not create the effect of a mask on the skin, the pores remain open and continue to breathe. However, if you have serious skin problems, it is better to solve them, rather than mask them;
    6. Manhattan "Cover" is another means for masking only, but not as effective as the previous one. It can easily hide redness or too noticeable pores, but if on the face acne or skin is strongly flaky, then the shortcomings will be more likely stressed than removed. Excellent for both oily skin and dry;
    7. Anytime "Stay pretty" - a therapeutic foundation from Finnish manufacturers, and in Scandinavia air is almost always clean and fresh. All products of this company include infusions of medicinal herbs and plants. From this, the cream helps to normalize the excessive fatness or dryness of the skin;
    8. Cherie ma Cherie "Mat Perfection".By the name it is not difficult to guess that this foundation cream best of all will give the skin a soft matte shade, but it does not help to hide obvious problems: redness, pimples, rash, large spots, etc. The components that make up the cream will perfectly relieve day fatigue, fill the skin with freshness and beauty. Due to the matte effect visually the skin becomes elastic and elastic, fine wrinkles disappear;
    9. Max Factor "Lasting Performance" perfectly masks any problem areas of the skin, without creating a mask effect, as it happens when you apply too much foundation. Also in hot weather, the product does not flow, so it can be applied without problems even in the most hot summer day;
    10. L'OREAL Alliance Perfect perfectly masks the pores and gives the skin a smooth soft and gentle shade. Unfortunately, if you pick the wrong tone, then along the line of hair growth you can see how the effect of the mask is overshadowed. Also, if you have dry or flaky skin, it is better not to use this product, since the second in particular will be clearly underlined.

    Now that you know how to choose a foundation, look at the video, which is the best option for yourself to find other girls.