• Contraindications for beer treatment

    Beer is an excellent remedy that can be used in the treatment of very many diseases. But nevertheless, in some diseases, one should refrain from using it or apply it in small amounts.

    These diseases include diseases of the cardiovascular system, the gastrointestinal tract, metabolic disorders and certain diseases of the nervous system. It should be noted the reasons why beer can be contraindicated.

    First of all, these are diseases of the cardiovascular system. There is practically no direct effect of beer on the heart muscle. But with poor kidney function( pyelonephritis, nephrosis, etc.), when they are unable to cope with increased stress( and beer has a diuretic effect), the total volume of circulating blood increases, hence the work of the heart muscle increases. Persons suffering from hypertension, especially those associated with kidney damage, should refrain from drinking beer. With the growth of cardiac exercise a person may experience a sudden weakness, accompanied by darkening in the eyes, unstable legs, dry mouth, tinnitus, etc.

    To avoid exacerbation of the disease, during this period it is necessary to refrain from drinking beer.

    Also, you should stop taking beer during the gastrointestinal lesion with any infections, because they are almost always accompanied by a stomach disorder. Beer at such a moment can cause deterioration, because it contains elements that cause fermentation in the acidic environment of the stomach. Additional effects of elements that cause fermentation can affect negatively.

    Metabolic disorders often lead to diseases such as obesity or excessive weight loss. When weight loss is recommended to increase weight, and for this, beer or brewer's yeast is used in combination with various protein supplements. Nevertheless, before you start to build weight, you should still consult a specialist dietician.

    Greater caution should be shown with obesity. Here there can be no doubt: if you are prone to obesity, you should categorically reject the use of beer, since beer contributes to increased appetite and, consequently, excessive consumption of food and further accumulation of fat.

    But although beer is contraindicated in certain diseases, it is still used in the treatment of many ailments.