English diet 21 days: menu, allowed and forbidden products

  • English diet 21 days: menu, allowed and forbidden products

    English diet 21 days, the menu of which we will detail today, is the main secret, why English women differ in their slenderness and slenderness. There are many diets that promise the removal of extra pounds. Let's take a closer look at the English diet. It is held for 21 days. In addition to certain products, there are several rules that need to be adhered to.

    Features of the diet

    During the day, you need to drink at least two liters of water. At night you need to drink a tablespoon of olive oil. When cooking, it is important to avoid eating salt, instead you need to use herbs and spices.

    The diet should exclude the consumption of fatty and fried foods, it should be cooked steamed, grilled or simply boiled. You can put it out in vegetable oil, but you do not have to get involved with it either. And most importantly - you need to eat until seven in the evening, not later.

    Among the products that you can eat, allocate: cereals, vegetables, nuts, fruits and spices. Particular preference is given to brown rice, oatweed, buckwheat, carrots, beets, potato in uniform, pumpkin, bell pepper, cabbage, eggplant, onion and garlic, asparagus, green beans, parsley and celery.

    It is better to use hazelnuts, walnuts and cedar nuts. Of fruits, preferably eat apples with peel, bananas and kiwis, lemons and grapes, pineapples. Spices: cinnamon, cardamom, black pepper, basil, thyme, mint and fresh herbs( fresh and dried).

    The essence of the diet

    Many who have already tried this system on their own leave in the network enthusiastic reviews like: "Try the English diet - it loses weight very quickly!".Indeed, in 3 weeks you can lose 12-18 kilograms of excess weight, provided that you strictly follow all the rules, go in for sports and lead an active lifestyle. The greater your initial weight, the more you lose as a result of weight loss.

    The essence of the diet - protein-hungry and vegetable alternation:

    • 2 days hungry;
    • 2 days protein;
    • 2 days vegetable.

    There are certain rules throughout the diet:

    • completely excludes sugar, alcoholic beverages and salt;
    • diet menu should be strictly observed;
    • every morning starts with a glass of warm water with lemon juice;
    • drink at least 2 liters of water per day for well-being.

    It is worth noting that in the early days of such a diet, many face difficulties: due to reduced nutrition, there is sluggishness, fatigue, weakness. All this can be defeated by allocating more time to sleep and drinking. Try to start a diet at a time when you have the opportunity not to engage in hard work right after it starts.


    Consider the menu for each of the three periods of the diet. It is worth noting that in the beginning there may be difficulties, but after the first few days the organism is reconstructed and the weight goes away most intensively. All allowed products should be divided into 4-6 servings and evenly eaten throughout the day.

    Menu of "hungry" days:

    option number 1 - 1 l of milk / kefir fat-free, one tomato / glass of tomato juice, 3-4 slices of whole grain bread;

    variant №2 - 2 kg of fruit, 1 l of green tea( without sweeteners and sugar).

    Menu of protein days( only one option):

    Breakfast: a sandwich of grain bread and half a teaspoon of honey, green tea.

    Second breakfast: a handful of nuts or half a teaspoon of honey, a glass of milk or tea.

    Lunch: fish / meat broth, to which is a spoon of green peas and 150-200 g of boiled meat / fish, as well as a slice of cereal bread.

    Dinner: a similar portion of meat or fish, or a couple of eggs, or a handful of nuts and a piece of cheese + a glass of kefir and a slice of cereal bread.

    Vegetable days menu:

    Breakfast: two apples / an orange.

    Second breakfast: any fruit except bananas.

    Lunch: soup from vegetables( except potatoes) with a spoon of oil, or vinaigrette, or vegetable salad with butter, or boiled buckwheat / rice + slice of bread.

    Dinner: vegetable salad with vegetable oil, green tea with half a spoonful of honey.

    After this diet menu is looped, and the person constantly alternates these three dietary options. The diet starts and ends with a hungry day, and it's necessary to leave the diet gradually and slowly, for 3 days.

    If we adhere to the menu of this diet for 21 days, we can avoid feeling hungry and dizzy, there will be no weakness, and harmful substances will be gradually eliminated from the body. Excess weight will go away, and the skin condition will change for the better. The organism will become younger and fresher. In addition, blood sugar is lowered, cholesterol is excreted and blood pressure is normalized.

    What is very important, the English diet does not require large expenditures of money and is easily tolerated by the body.

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