How to remove the second chin: exercises, their description and video tips

  • How to remove the second chin: exercises, their description and video tips

    Many people have not been spared such a nuisance as the formed second chin. This problem can affect both young people and those who are older. No wonder why this topic is quite relevant, because everyone wants to be beautiful, well-groomed, tightened.

    For those wishing to say goodbye to an undesirable makeweight on the face, this article has selected the best exercises how to remove the second chin.

    Before you tell what exercises are needed, it is important to know the basic rules that must be followed on the way to the perfect chin.

    Basic rules of

    1. Exercises should be done daily, when a free minute is given out, the main thing is not to be lazy.
    2. We do not recommend to stop your choice on one or two exercises, which may seem easier for you to perform. Try to use complex exercises against the second chin, allowing you to tighten the neck, chin, and generally improve the overall contour of the face.
    3. Before starting the exercises, you must preheat the skin, which needs to be adjusted. For this, within a minute or two, you need to prepare the chin zone with active hand movements. As you feel that the skin is warmed up, you can start exercises.

    Next we'll tell you what exercises to do best at home during the day.

    9 effective exercises

    1. You need to lie on your back, legs are straight( connected together), hands at the seams.
    When in this position, you need to reach the chest with your chin. This exercise should be done twenty times, observing interruptions for ten seconds.
    2. Hands at the waist, the back is straight. Throwing your head back, you need to put the lower jaw forward, until you clearly do not feel that the lateral muscles of the neck are well tense. After 8 seconds you can relax. Perform within ten times.
    3. Lie on any flat surface, which will leave the head in a dangling position. The task is as follows: outline your head in the air with a figure eight. Repeat five times.

    4. This exercise will allow you to correct the oval face. Maximally stretching his lips, try to pronounce the vowel sounds, singing them. Be sure to strain the muscles of the face, uttering these sounds. Perform the exercise for a minute.
    5. Pull the neck muscles will allow this exercise. Sitting on a solid surface, keep your back very straight. Lower shoulders as far as possible. Not allowing the head to roll back, we try to pull the neck up. Connect respiratory gymnastics:
    on the inhalation of the neck to draw in, on the exhalation pull. Execute eleven times.
    6. This exercise will require skill, but it has a positive effect on the contour of the face. Alternately, you need to pull in the upper lip, then the lower one. Repeat eight times each, and then relax.
    7. Both hands must be compressed in the fist, by applying the first to the second. On the resulting support we put the chin. Using the resistance method, we do not allow the chin to lower the fist down. He must in every way resist pressing his chin down. Press and hold for a few seconds. Repeat ten times, slowly.

    8. Smile widely, as far as you can, with the proviso that teeth can not be denuded. Happened? Do not change the position, try to give the chin as much as possible. Run ten times, observing comfortable for you breaks.
    9. And at last, to finish the exercises is best the very first exercise, reaching out to the chest with the chin. The main thing is to be engaged with pleasure, not hurrying up, and every day.

    The second chin significantly spoils the appearance, and to remove it, do not necessarily go to the surgeon. With the help of simple exercises you will bring your face in order in a relatively short time.

    Video materials on the topic of the article

    To make it clearer to you, what exercises remove the second chin, check out these video materials.