Reviews for castor oil for the face from wrinkles around the eyes, how to apply the oil

  • Reviews for castor oil for the face from wrinkles around the eyes, how to apply the oil

    Castor oil is produced from a plant called castor oil. The composition of castor oil includes fatty acids, which help smooth wrinkles. Women use castor oil as a remedy for wrinkles around the eyes. It has a greasy consistency, but does not form a film when applied.

    Regular application of castor oil allows you to get rid of swelling and bags under the eyes and make the look more clear and open. And not only wrinkles under the eyes will save castor oil, you can also apply oil to nasolabial folds, wrinkles on the forehead and other mimic wrinkles. The main thing is not to overdo it, as oil can clog pores. To prevent this from happening, castor oil should be applied 3-4 times a week, applying a remedy to problem areas for 20-25 minutes.


    Reviews for castor oil for face from wrinkles around the eyes, which are quite a lot on the web, will help you understand the rules of applying oil to your face and find out what effect this tool can get.


    "Hello, I'm 27 years old, but there are already wrinkles under my eyes. In an effort to find something effective and natural, I found a recipe for the use of castor oil. I do the procedure every morning, I apply oil for 10 minutes, then I wash it off, as for me - it gives a good result. "


    "I also like to use castor oil in cosmetology, it reduces the number of facial wrinkles, but I do the procedure no more than twice a week."


    "I know well that for the skin around the eyes, castor oil is very useful because it has a specific composition that allows the agent to penetrate the very depths of cells and participate in metabolic processes inside them."


    "I'm 42 years old, using castor oil for a month, 4 times a week. In my case, the result is not very noticeable, maybe this tool is suitable only for certain age categories. "


    "Personally, I add a couple drops of castor oil in a night cream, this strengthens its effect. In the morning the skin is very soft and silky, and mimic wrinkles gradually began to smooth out, in general, I'm happy with everything! "


    " I ignorance applied castor oil to the area around the eyes before going to bed, and what do you think? !In the morning my eyelids swelled, then I thought that I had castor allergies, and went to my cosmetician for advice. She explained to me that castor oil combines several types of fatty acids, so it can not be left for a long time. Therefore, ladies and gentlemen, do not do anything stupid! "


    " I also decided to try castor on myself, but before that I thought of putting a test on my wrist: as it turned out, I have an allergy to it. I do not know what would have happened to my face if I immediately applied oil to it. "


    "I have been successfully using castor oil for more than a year, but before applying it on my skin I warm it up a little on a water bath. This process allows useful substances to penetrate deeper into the skin faster. The result after the application I like, although I keep the tool for no longer than 10 minutes. "


    "I make masks with the addition of castor oil, I like it, it seems that the skin becomes more nourished."
    "I tried to apply oil with a brush, but it scuffs the area around my eyes a little, so now I apply only with my fingertips. The result is satisfied, of course, all the wrinkles are not gone, but there are no facial expressions at all, and I have been using it for about a year. "


    "Procedures with castor oil for the face from wrinkles around the eyes really help, but at first it was very painful with the washing off, ordinary water it does not take. And recently I read on the Internet that first you need to wipe the oil with a dry sponge, and after soaking the sponge in warm milk and rubbing again. "

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