• How to quickly grow hair at home

    Long, well-groomed hair in all ages have been a source of pride for women. Representatives of the weaker sex have always sought to grow them as long as possible. If you now ask yourself the question "How fast to grow hair at home?", Then there are a lot of different recipes and tips. But if you want to achieve a visible result, you need an integrated approach.

    Conditions for rapid hair growth

    It will be hardest to grow hair to those who systematically sit on different diets. In this case, the woman's diet lacks nutrients, vitamins, minerals. A rapid hair growth is possible only if there are iron, selenium, vitamins B, A, magnesium and calcium in the body.

    That's why in the daily menu must necessarily be present fruits and vegetables, meat and milk, cereals and nuts, fish and eggs. If you do not have enough to eat properly, you need to supplement your diet with various vitamin complexes. According to reviews, vitamins Alphabet or Complivit are very good for this purpose. More on the video.

    Advice for those who decided to grow hair

    In the process of growing long hair on the head, the following points matter:

    1. If you are determined to have long hair, it is important to remember that the health of the hair is determined by the health of the scalp. Therefore, first of all it is necessary to get rid of skin diseases, for example, seborrhea, which causes the appearance of dandruff due to dryness or fat content of hair. Here you can not do without the advice of a specialist.
    2. It is important to choose the right hair care products. Shampoos should not contain surfactants. Of course, they will be not cheap at a price, and they will have to be purchased in specialized stores. But it will give its positive result.
    3. It will be very good to use professional lines of hair care products. But here it is important not to buy a fake. If you choose the right shampoo and balm that suit your hair, you will never feel discomfort, dryness, itching, irritation or tightness on the scalp. In addition, the hair will become shiny and soft.

    Little tricks of

    If you want your hair to grow quickly, for example, for a month or even a week, it's worth paying attention to some little tricks in this process.

    Proper use of shampoo

    Using a shampoo, apply it on your hair, slightly diluted with water. Then carefully massage your head to wash off dirt, grease, styling products. The hair will be washed with foam.

    Proper rinsing

    Rinse your head always with plenty of water to completely rinse off the shampoo. After each washing, apply the balm along the entire length, not reaching 2-3 cm to the roots. Do not hold the conditioner on your hair for a long time, follow the instructions when using all means for rapid hair growth. A few interesting nuances on the video.

    Proper head wiping

    The rapid growth of hair at home affects even how you wipe your head after washing. Wipe your head right. Do not rub your hair. Wet strands become brittle and very easily can be damaged.

    Just wrap your head around with a soft towel or diaper and walk around for 10 minutes. If necessary, you can change the towel a couple of times. So the water will be absorbed itself, and the hair will remain whole and healthy.

    Correct laying of

    In solving the issue of hair growth, the way you stack them is not the least important. Hair will be damaged and grow more slowly, if you often use an iron or curling hair to create a hairdo, and also dry your hair with a hairdryer. We must try to avoid high temperatures, which harm the hair. A fix hair is better than special means with the effect of thermal protection.


    Be sure to put a hood on your head in winter and a bonnet in the summer. They will protect against the temperature drop and the sun. After all, direct sunlight harms the hair. You can buy a special spray that protects the hair from the sun.

    Haircut ends

    For a while, as you grow your hair, refuse to curl and dye your hair. It's better to cut your hair a little. So they will not separate. And the fact that we cut the tips will only accelerate the growth of hair. According to reviews, a positive result gives a haircut with hot scissors. It seals the ends of the hair, making them healthier.

    Special means for promoting hair growth

    There are also modern products with a special composition that accelerates hair growth. If you apply them, you can grow curls 2 cm per month. But this is the maximum length that can be achieved. A greater result can be achieved solely by hair extensions.

    Fast hair growth with masks

    Hair growth in the home is often helped by simple masks for hair growth. It is enough to make such masks once a week and the hair growth will noticeably accelerate. This is due to the fact that the substances in these masks intensively moisturize the hair, nourish the roots, improve the blood supply to the scalp. Details on the video.

    How often to use such masks

    More often than once a week, the mask for hair growth is not desirable, because because of this, the skin can stop itself from feeding the hair. If you talk about which masks are better to use, then depending on the availability or lack of free time and desire, they can be bought in the store or done by yourself.

    Home mask from burdock oil

    A lot of positive reviews can be found about the mask with burdock oil. It stimulates rapid hair growth. Do it this way: burdock oil is heated lightly and applied to the scalp and hair roots. Then massage a few minutes, hair comb, distributing the oil along their entire length. After warming the head with a film and a towel. Hold exactly 1 hour and rinse.

    Peppermask for explosive growth of head of hair

    Another secret is a mask with red pepper. For these purposes, take not just burdock oil, but with the addition of a red pepper extract. Such a mask will be slightly burned, but it's useful. Hence, the blood flows intensively to the bulbs of the hair, feeding them. Therefore, hair grows faster.

    Other masks that stimulate hair bulbs

    You can prepare preparations for enhancing hair growth also based on olive or cedar oil, aloe, kefir, honey, black bread, onion, tincture of burdock root. Masks can alternate. But only their regular use will yield an excellent result.

    Head massage for hair growth

    Head massage gives a very good result when growing hair. It is enough to give him just a few minutes of his time before going to sleep. It is done with fingertips in a circle - over the entire head. First, it is enough just to lightly press on the scalp, then gradually pressing intensifies.

    Combs from natural materials

    Metal and plastic combs must be replaced with combs with natural bristles or bone combs.

    Other ways to accelerate the growth of hair on the head

    You can contact a professional cosmetologist. They will recommend special physiotherapeutic procedures that accelerate hair growth by activating the circulation of the scalp. You can take a course of ozone or mesotherapy, which will help saturate the roots of hair with nutrients.

    Thus, each woman is able to grow long beautiful curls. It is not difficult. If properly and regularly to care for the hair, then very soon they will grow rapidly, staying healthy, beautiful and magnificent. Fast hair growth for you, dear readers!