The rate of hair loss per day: with a head wash, combing

  • The rate of hair loss per day: with a head wash, combing

    Hair loss, of course, a problem that worries many women, but is it really so deplorable? Sometimes hair falls out completely justified, when it should be. The amount of hair on our head varies from 15 to 90 thousand and depends on the individual development and characteristics of each organism, as well as on heredity.

    With such a huge amount of hair, the loss of a few dozen of them a day is quite logical, because the life of the hair is not as long as ours, but a new one can always take its place. The rate of hair loss per day is from 50 to 150 hairs. The numbers fluctuate so much, because the total amount of hair, as you noticed, is very different, and you can not name any exact figure at least.

    It is worth noting that the "life" of the hair is an average of 3 years, when every month it adds one and a half centimeters. After this period, the hair becomes too old and a new one comes into its place, which pushes out the hair bulb of the old one. In this case, you should notice a small white thickening on the tips of the fallen hair!

    When hair falls out?

    Normal hair loss occurs in two cases, with water procedures and during combing.

    The first variant is distributed among really healthy hair much more often. However, if you see too many fallen hair in your bath after washing your hair or even just broken off in the middle, then you should think about taking the necessary measures.

    The second option is common among more naughty hair, which is not surprising. During combing, hair is forcibly subjected to a procedure, so hair loss occurs more often on your own fault, from strong pressure on the comb, for example.

    However, anyway, but baldness does not start right away either, first a little hair falls out, and then more and more of them need to be taken urgently. To prevent such an incident from happening to you, I suggest examining the alarming factors about hair loss:

    1. The fallen hair is not white, but a dark root, or even broken off, and not completely dropped out. The first option, with a dark root, is a possible sign of baldness, because in that case, a new bulb in place of the old one does not appear, and in due course bald patches are formed. The second option is also far from the most comforting sign, perhaps because of some external( natural or chemical) or internal( food, human condition) factor, your hair has become too weak and began to break down;
    2. Hair does not fall out at all. Yes, the hair should fall out every day in small quantities, if the fallout does not occur for quite a long time, about a week, it means that, both old and new hair, just stopped growing. And if one day they all fall out, then there will be no one to take their place. And this is also a possible sign of alopecia;
    3. The rate of hair loss is exceeded. How much hair a day can be determined by eye, without counting in vain. If the dropped hair cover all the comb or in the bath gather in whole "islets", then it is worth considering about the trip to the trichologist.

    Here it is better to consider the first item, or rather, the fragility of the hair. If it happens, then there were reasons for that. First, external factors and chemical effects are hair coloring, straightening, biocoasting, frequent use of curlers and curlers, etc. Also, the same applies to natural factors, like a strong dry wind that drains the hair, respectively. Long stay in direct sunlight, which acts exactly the same.

    Poor ecology in general, that is, city air, impregnated with exhaust and carbon monoxide, water in the pool containing chlorine.

    It is worth paying special attention to poor-quality hair cosmetics, nobody forbids you to change your natural color, but make sure that the paint is really worthwhile and does not contain harmful ingredients for you personally.

    Also, we note that in women, of course, hair falls out more often than men, do not be surprised, the male hairline is not rich and rather short, compared with the female, and therefore less vulnerable.

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