• Soft chancre or chancroid - Causes, symptoms and treatment. MF.

    Soft chancre or chancroid is a venereal disease. As you understand, sexually transmitted, can also be a non-sex, contact way. At this time in Russia is rare, but more in developing countries with subtropical and tropical climates: Central and South America, Africa. But given the openness of the borders, we need to remember about it, of course.

    "Culprit" of this pathology is a stick Haemophilus ducrey. It is not resistant to high temperatures, with heating +40 perishes quickly, but it tolerates low temperatures well. It also works well with various chemical solutions. For example, a 0.25% formalin solution "kills" it in forty minutes.

    Symptoms of soft chancre

    The incubation period( latent) of this disease lasts 4-7 days. It is believed that the condition for the introduction of the pathogen should be microcracks on the skin and mucous membranes. Chancroid appears, in most cases, multiple ulcers with a purulent discharge and an increase in nearby lymph nodes. The general condition suffers: a fever, a headache. Lymphonoduses and ulcers will be painful on palpation. If hygiene is not observed, the process can be "spread" with dirty hands and on other parts of the body.

    Enlargement of lymph nodes in chancroid

    The sores are of different shapes, surrounded by an inflammatory corolla. If you notice yourself, or God forbid, the above symptoms, go urgently to the dermatovenerologist. Given the rarity of the disease, you will not diagnose yourself and there will be no proper treatment. Very easily it can be confused with syphilis or herpes. With syphilis, by the way, hard chancre, like lymph nodes, is painless. The treatment of these two forms, unlike the soft chancre, will not be the same.

    Soft chancre

    Features of the course of chancroid during pregnancy will be similar. Its presence complicates the course of pregnancy.

    Diagnosis of chancroid

    The main method of diagnosis is the detection of the pathogen in the separated ulcers. Sometimes a culture method is used - the growth of bacteria on media. It is necessary to pass tests for all diseases transmitted sexually. Very often there is a combination of several diseases.

    Treatment of soft chancre

    Without antibiotics in the treatment of soft chancre is indispensable. These are aminoglycosides( gentamicin, kanamycin), macrolides( azithromycin, and erythromycin is the drug of choice in pregnancy), tetracycline series( doxycycline, tetracycline), cephalosporins( ceftriaxone).Antibacterial drugs( sulfadimethoxin, biseptol) are also used. These two groups are often combined.

    In the treatment of chancroid, local treatment is also important( treatment of ulcers with a weak solution of potassium permanganate + ointments with antibiotics).Vitaminotherapy( B1, B6, B12).

    During the intake of drugs, sex life and drinking are not allowed. Necessarily, given the detachment from the ulcerated foci, frequent changes in bedding and bed linen, with their prolonged boiling.

    After treatment, the patient is monitored for at least half a year with a monthly test.

    Treatment of folk remedies, as you understand, especially in the Russian Federation, where the disease is rare, is not relevant. And in Africa, probably not. Without antibiotics, treatment is meaningless. Especially when mild shankra there are many complications.

    Complications of soft chancre

    When attaching secondary infection, there is a "gangrenous chancre" when tissue loss occurs. Phimosis - the inability to open the glans penis, paraphimosis - to close it. The latter condition leads to a violation of blood circulation in the penis itself, followed by castration. This situation requires urgent surgical intervention to prevent the loss of penis. In consequence, because of the formation of scars, sexual activity may be difficult, since the mobility of the head is impaired.

    In far-away cases, as a result of inflammation of the lymph nodes, fistulas( "holes") are formed in them with prolonged healing. The process of inflammation can affect the skin and subcutaneous fat( erysipelatous inflammation), which goes into elephantiasis - with a progressive thickening, as a consequence of chronic lymphatic stasis. The infection of the infection in all organs and systems leads to infection of the blood.

    Prophylaxis of soft chancroid

    We have already found out that the causative agents of chancroid are resistant to the action of chemicals. Therefore, the main method of prevention will be abstinence from casual sexual intercourse, especially in a tourist trip and the use of condoms.

    Consultation of a dermatovenereologist for chancroid

    Question: You said that the causative agent of soft chancre does not act or badly act chemical substances. Why are sores treated with various solutions during treatment?
    Answer: Good question. We have the goal of preventing the attachment of secondary infection, and with this and prevention of complications.

    Question: If one partner has a disease, but another does not. Do I need to heal it?
    Answer: Regardless of whether the disease is diagnosed or not, all people who have been in sexual contact with a sick person are treated with it.

    Question: What occupations are at risk?
    Answer: All who have contact with the blood and tissues of a person. First of all doctors. Also, people who were on working trips abroad in the above-mentioned regions.

    Doctor dermatovenereologist Mansurov A.S.