• How to choose the right baby cot

    A cot for a child can be bought either separately or as part of a set of furniture that is designed for a children's room.
    Conditionally, there are two types of beds designed for the child: beds for preschool and school children, and beds for newborns. Adolescents are already buying adult furniture.
    In recent years, the idea of ​​baby cots has changed significantly.
    The bed today is called a structure, in which the sleeping place is often located on the upper tier. In the lower part, the working table is connected with a small locker for the baby.
    Still 2-tiered products are very popular. They are used in this not only families with 2 children, but also where only one child.
    Such a bed for a child is not only a sleeping place, but also a place for games. And parents are making plans for possible replenishment.
    Functional and convenient option - transforming furniture. So, from the sofa you can quickly make a bunk bed.
    Furniture can be chosen for both the baby and the teenager. Often, sofa beds are bought into the room for the child. In its way - it's the same transformer, allowing you to increase as the child grows bed.

    The most convenient mechanism - a couch or a children's sofa. With the help of such a sofa, the problem of sleeping a child's place is solved for many years. In such a place, you can easily find a pre-school child and a teenager.
    Often a baby cot for a newborn is placed in the parents' bedroom. Thus, it is much easier to approach a crying baby at night. But if the baby has a room from birth, then there must also be a sleeping place for an adult. Cribs for the youngest children have high backs and safe sidewalls of racks and laths. The cot should be made on the basis of eco-friendly, clean materials and should be well ventilated.
    The guarantee of health for the child is the use of such "green" materials as pine or alder. But most of all children like bunk beds, on which you can not only sleep, but also play. Having decided on buying a child for such furniture, it is important to take care of security. It is important that the floor covering is soft, since children like to jump from the 2nd tier of the bed, also there should not be sharp corners in the room.
    Additionally, the bed must be equipped with bumps and a ladder.