How to understand a woman: how to learn to understand what a woman wants

  • How to understand a woman: how to learn to understand what a woman wants

    In every representative of the weaker sex there must be a mystery - this is known to any man. And indeed: the maiden soul contains many secrets. But what about poor men who are puzzled over how to understand a woman?

    First of all, you should immediately remember that in the world there is no such instruction that would help to reveal all the features of a female character. No matter how much you try, it is impossible to understand any of the individuals of the weaker sex( after all, she herself, most likely, does not fully know).But there are some recommendations for those who still dream of discovering the secret of women's unpredictability.

    Secrets that will help to understand a woman

    1) The mind can not understand a woman - it is worth remembering once and for all to anyone who wants to understand at least a small fraction of the female essence. Such a concept as "female logic" can not be explained, it should be taken as a given. Any man who tries to unravel the string of conclusions that led the girl to a certain result will only get confused even more.

    2) A woman takes one for all, a man - all for one.

    How often men exclaim that all girls are the same. In fact, often by "all" is meant only one. So, dear men, do not try to understand the female soul of each and equate it with all the others. Remember: the representatives of the fair sex are absolutely different, and before you delve into their thoughts, you should choose a specific object of study. And after failures it is not necessary to try on one's behavior model for all others.

    3) It can not be said that women do not have a character: they just have a different character every day.

    Remember this when you think that you have unraveled the essence of a woman, and the next day - it is completely different. The thing is that girls are constantly changing: depending on age, experience, mood, environment, weather. It is worth considering this.

    Signs of sympathy

    If some people are interested in the very mystery of the female nature, then others only have one question: how to understand that you like a woman?

    A few signs of feminine benevolence:

    • Unconscious body demonstration. When talking, it is worth noting how the girl's body behaves: an overly straight back, deliberate attraction of the eye to the chest or legs - all this is a good indicator of sympathy.
    • At any opportunity, the girl will try to get your attention. It is worth noting for herself her noisy behavior in your presence, loud laughter and quite frequent glances in your direction. But do not despair immediately if there are no such signs: it is likely that the woman is too modest and shy.
    • A woman throws her foot on her leg, or even completely bends one under her - a sign that she is comfortable with your society.
    • A long, languid eye-to-eye look will tell you much more than any big words.

    We can not say that there is no answer to the question "How to learn to understand a woman?"It's just that they all depend not on how well you understand psychology, but only on the will of chance. Specifically - from the person herself, her age and mood for today, and also from her location to you.

    Women can seem impregnable, but each of them is very smart and cunning. It is not necessary to consider the girl as a simple woman who does not understand anything. Some say that in order to correctly understand what a woman wants and what she thinks about, you need not listen to what she says, but look at her. Often, it is the small changes in behavior that can tell a lot about, for example, its benevolence towards you. A selection of videos on the topic of the article