• Clay treatment

    To use inside, a fatty pure clay is used without any admixture and foreign inclusions. It is better to use clay, which was obtained by the whole piece. Briquette should be broken into small pieces and pounded in a mortar as small as possible. Then sift through a sieve to get rid of impurities. Clean powder put in the sun( this procedure, working with clay, you must never forget).Now the clay is ready for use.

    The normal dose for an adult is 2 tsp.clay powder per day. Clay is diluted with cold water and taken 2 times a day in the morning and in the evening( unless another method of clay is indicated).Do not eat much after taking clay. The diluted clay powder should be sipped without rushing. If clay remains at the bottom of the glass, you can add water.

    And again we remind: you can not mix clay with a metal spoon. Clay can be diluted

    ( revive) with Bolotov's healing vinegar, which is infused on the roots of the swamp saber. Bring in your life a movement, you not only increase the overall tone, but also strengthen your body.

    When improving according to B. Bolotov and L. and G. Pogozhev, a set of exercises is recommended:

    1) a set of morning workout exercises;

    2) a complex of sparing exercises.

    Complex of morning workout exercises L. and G. Pogozhevyh( Bolotova B.V.)

    1. Starting position: lying on the back. Hands and feet relaxed. Without opening your eyes, take a deep breath and completely exhale the night stagnant air. Repeat a deep breath, then exhale three times.

    2. Move your fingers a few times on your right foot, then on your left foot: your thumb is lifted, the others are slightly down.

    3. Take the thumb of the left hand by the tip and gently shake it. Do the same with all the fingers of your left and then your right hand.

    4. After that, program to cure your disease.

    5. Rub your palms so that they become warm. Pinch your fingers tightly and rub your ears with your hands from top to bottom, make ten movements. The thumbs in the

    massage time are behind the ears, the indexes are moving around the shells. The tips of the fingers should drop to the level of the mouth.

    6. Put the right palm on the forehead, and the left on it from above, then make twenty movements to the right and left. The little fingers need to be held above the eyebrows.

    7. Lie for a few seconds with your eyes closed, focusing on the forehead area. Back of the thumbs, massage the eyeballs, then put the right palm on the thyroid gland, and on it?the left palm.

    8. Perform ten movements from top to bottom, to the abdomen.

    9. Place the palms on your stomach and make ten circular movements clockwise.

    10. Alternately, pull your legs to your chest and straighten them. In total, you need to perform ten such pull-ups.

    11. Starting position: sitting on the edge of the bed. Place your right foot on the left foot and massage your foot out 10 times. Repeat with the other leg.